Drinking a diet for weight loss

We chew constantly, a snack on the go, eat at work, stress and seized at the same time is not always really hungry.The result is extra weight, fatigue, nausea and stomach almost dimensionless.The best way to do away with the wrong mode power becomes drinking diet.

Features drinking weight loss diet

meaning drinking diet is that for thirty days you do not eat anything and only drink.But it is unnecessary to confuse such a diet with a hunger strike, in fact, the body gets all the vitamins, minerals, but in liquid form.

diet this diet is very rich, you can drink anything you want: a variety of vegetable and fruit juices, milk and all dairy products (yogurt, fermented baked milk), kvass, coffee, teas, herbal teas and broths, mineral or purified water.In addition to all of the selected products, per day is necessary to drink at least half liters of mineral water.The water is better to choose a non-carbonated, it is more useful to the body and causes no discomfort.

Drinking diet is designed for what th

e body has the opportunity to relax without getting heavy solid foods, thus not released a lot of energy expended, and as a result we feel cheerful, easy and good.During the diet leaves a feeling of heaviness, overcrowding, discomfort.

first days of the diet can be quite complex, we are used to chew constantly, and on any occasion, so wont effect, but in these moments is to drink a glass of juice, milk, yogurt, etc.A few days later the body gets used, relaxes, you feel much better, fresher, better mood, sense of "wings behind the back" appears.

Drinking diet for weight loss - stages

Diet mind can be divided into three stages for ten days.The first 10 days is cleansed of hollow organs, causing some may appear mucus, such as fur, etc.The next ten days, there is a clearing of dense bodies at this time, you may feel some discomfort, which, however, quickly.The last ten days - a cleansing of the body at the cellular level, the so-called total body cleansing.At this time, people tend to feel at ease, his good mood.

During the diet is strictly a chair, it should be a regular!In addition, drinking diet does not supply the body with all the necessary minerals and micro-organisms, so on the advice of a doctor should take a month vitamin complexes and other drugs.

Remember that repeating a similar diet should be no more than once a year, only in this case it will bring and the benefits and the expected effect.

© Author: Irina Volkova
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