Acne Treatment folk remedies

When acne often people start treatment folk remedies.This is understandable, because the folk remedies are much more affordable and effective cosmetic means.

Acne Treatment folk remedies - tincture


If your child has acne vulgaris, he will help the infusion of nettle, which is to be taken inside.To do this, cut into very small nettle and pour cold water.The composition must be left for the infusion of about six - eight hours or overnight.


For outdoor use, you can use horseradish root.For the preparation of this composition need well-washed horseradish root, which is then rubbed on a grater, put in a bottle and poured wine vinegar.The convoy must infuse for ten days.The formulation is then filtered and poured into the dark bank.The use of this structure is very simple, you need to take a small piece of gauze or cotton wool and wipe clean face, and ten minutes later to re-wash with warm water and then cold.


help get rid of blackheads and dandelions.To do this, prepare a tincture of da

ndelion root and hot water.The composition must be left to brew for fifteen minutes.Take one glass before going to bed.

Broth based on folk remedies for treating acne


perfect remedy for acne is celandine.To prepare the composition of celandine, you need to take four tablespoons of celandine, before that it should be finely chopped, then pour six glasses of water.The resulting composition of the boil for five minutes.Thereafter, the composition is left to it in the present period of eight hours.The present composition of the need to strain.Ready means you need to wipe the face.Also, using this tool, you can make lotions.The first results will be within four days.


Get rid of acne will help black yarrow.From it twice a week to do a mask and wash every morning decoction of dried or fresh flowers.The broth should be prepared for this recipe: yarrow teaspoon per cup of boiling water.Ingredients should infuse for twenty minutes.

Folk recommendations for the treatment of acne

also can be applied to the face of fresh chopped root, which must be fixed plaster on ten or fifteen minutes.Then wash with water.

Traditional home remedies for acne treatment


perfectly helps to relieve irritation, cleanse and soothe the skin cucumber toner.To make it, rub on a grater small cucumber, then fill it with a cup of boiling water.Once the broth infusion, add to it a tablespoon of liquid honey and leave for another half hour.Then strain the infusion through a gauze and here is your tonic ready.Apply it on your face in the morning and evening.After half an hour rinse with warm water and wipe to dry.Then you can wash your face decoction of chamomile.


Take half a liter of water and add a teaspoon of citric acid or apple cider vinegar.Wash this solution twice a day and you forget all about acne.

Acne Treatment folk remedies - home peeling

Despite popular belief, acne is not only possible but also need to be removed.In the treatment of acne folk remedies will help you home peeling.Crush a few pills of activated charcoal and mix it with one tablespoon of honey.At the same time, prepare a concentrated solution Degtev soap, which can be easily purchased at a pharmacy.Mix the two components so that would have been a mass sufficiently viscous consistency and Wash it twice a day, at the same time carefully rub it all over his face, that would be coal microparticles can clean your pores.After that, several times thoroughly wash with hot coda and try to gently remove remaining acne.Then again wash first in hot, then cold water.This will close your pores and make it impossible to re-clogging.After that, take a cotton swab and apply to it a small amount of hydrogen peroxide and thoroughly treat the skin, avoiding the eyebrows, because they regularly hit peroxide can discolor them completely.

Causes Acne

cause of acne can serve as a violation of the functions of sebaceous glands, and not proper metabolism or hormonal changes in the body, but that does not depend on the outward manifestation.Therefore, folk remedies for acne reduce its effect to that would get rid of these skin drawbacks.If you know the reason for this is not the normal behavior of your skin, then start an integrated course of treatment, which will be a few tools, some of which get rid of the causes and consequences of others, thus the most desired result is achieved.Today, there are a lot of useful recipes that help is just beginning acne treatment folk remedies.

If daily use for the treatment of acne, then after a while your face is cleansed and become more attractive.

Folk remedies for acne will help you to remain always beautiful and unattractive to remove these shortcomings with your skin.