Treatment of myositis folk remedies

Myositis is a rather serious disease, which is expressed in skeletal muscle inflammation.Treatment of myositis folk remedies is one of the possible options for getting rid of the disease.Let's look at some of the recipes, which are generously awarded us the mother - nature.

myositis Treatment folk remedies - advice


Alleviate pain of the disease will help the leaves of cabbage.They need to rub soap and sprinkle baking soda.After these are not clever manipulation, attach sheets to the sore spot and a good wrap


Take 1 tablespoon of apple cider vinegar and dilute with an equal amount of honey, dilute the resulting mixture with a glass of water and take the inside half a cup three times a day.This blunt the pain and contribute to a speedy recovery.


Mix a tablespoon of salt and one hundred grams of pork fat.At night, then polish the resulting ointment sore spots and wraps them for the best effect possible.


for analgesic effect it is recommended to sprinkle baking soda muscles.

myositis Treatment folk remedies used now, for the most part, only as an addition to the prescribed treatment experts, however, have a number of recipes that are applicable for self-deliverance from the disease.In any case, it is best to consult a doctor, because the self-determine the cause that caused the myositis is very difficult and sometimes not possible at all, so it is problematic enough defined treatment, because if you do not know the reason, eliminate the consequence would be quite difficult.

Recommendations for treatment of myositis

However, in traditional medicine is unbroken fans over the years, because it is in many cases is really very effective.But it is better to use it as a supplement, for example, assigned to you painkillers do not help you, then that is just and it's time to turn to nature for advice and she would give such.Thus, it is reasonable to say that if you for some reason do not want to or can not see a doctor, then you will not be difficult to find people's ways of dealing with the disease, but remember that it should be done only in extreme casesbecause exposing themselves to self-treatment, you can get a lot of complications.