toxoplasmosis Treatment of folk remedies

toxoplasmosis Treatment folk remedies fairly well-known and is, if I may say so popular.Often patients prefer alternative treatments that do not involve medication and do not cause allergic reactions.

toxoplasmosis Treatment folk remedies - benefits

In deciding to initiate treatment of toxoplasmosis folk remedies, it is necessary to apply for a start to a specialist, who will be able to give details of the treatment and will save you from the negative effects.But if you are, nevertheless, decided to deal with the treatment of their own, then a few popular recipes.

Tincture of wild cherry branches for the treatment of toxoplasmosis folk remedies

Tincture of wild cherry branches.To do this, you need to take a small cut-bird cherry twigs and put them in paper bags.Then pour them into an enamel saucepan and add water.The pot should be covered with a lid and put on fire.When the lid is closed composition should be brought to a boil and keep it on a low heat for about five minutes.Then the fire nece

ssary to minimize and keep the mixture for another ten minutes.After removing the pan from the heat, you need to wrap it with a warm blanket and give structure to stand for three hours.After that, the composition may be necessary to drain and drink one-fourth of the cup for thirty minutes before a meal.This structure is necessary to drink for a month, and then make a break for ten days and repeat the treatment again.

Folk remedy - calendula to treat toxoplasmosis

also possible to prepare a tincture of calendula flowers, eucalyptus, aspen bark, calamus root, root elecampane.For its preparation is necessary to take a teaspoon of some grass (grass choose to your taste), minced and pour a cup of boiling water.This compound should brew for an hour, and then you can drink a tablespoon several times a day.If your body is positively taking the medication, you may increase the dose to half a glass.Just be careful and watch your health.

toxoplasmosis Treatment folk remedies - herbal tincture

If desired, you can prepare a tincture of herbs and vodka.To do this, take the grass, any of your choice, and add vodka.The ratio in this format should be one in five.Drink this infusion must be diluted (in a glass of water a teaspoon of the composition).

However, if you feel unwell or your body will reject some means, do not force yourself to drink these funds.It is best to consult a specialist in the treatment of toxoplasmosis, that it determine exactly what is happening to your body.