Cucumber diet for weight loss

On the threshold of summer, which means - open swimsuits, seductive dress up and short shorts.But it absolutely does not fit with fat on the abdomen, the extra inches in the hips, etc.So, we begin to actively fight against them, and the best ally in this war - cucumber diet!Cucumber diet is a whole range of wellness for the entire body and helps to normalize the functioning of the intestines, restores the water-salt balance and makes it easy to cope with the excess weight.

Cucumber diet for weight loss at 7 days

calculated cucumber diet for seven days and includes not only the cucumbers, and other low-calorie foods.So, the diet may be as follows:

Day 1 cucumber diet For breakfast you can eat a piece of rye bread and a few (2-3) cucumbers.For lunch, prepare the vegetable soup (radish, cucumber, carrot), add bone meal.Afternoon can include an orange, if hunger is not - you can skip lunch.Dinner should include cucumber salad, seasoned with vegetable oil.If bedtime is present feeling of hunger, you c

an eat a cucumber.

Day 2 weight loss diet have breakfast cucumber and a slice of rye bread.For lunch, prepare 50 g of boiled beef without salt, and cucumber salad with radish.Refreshments can be an apple for dinner is better to eat salad greens and cucumbers, seasoned with vegetable oil.Before going to bed can afford cucumber.

Day 3 weight loss diet have breakfast with two pickles and a slice of bread.Lunch consists of one hundred grams of boiled fish, a hundred grams of boiled rice and a pickled cucumber.Snacking before dinner cucumber.For dinner, cook cucumber salad with greens and vegetable oil.Before going to bed you can eat cucumber.

Day 4 We have breakfast cucumber diet cucumber and a slice of bread.For lunch, we boil 100 grams of rice, cucumber and 20 grams of cheese.Afternoon snack - a pear.Supper cucumber salad.Before going to bed you can eat cucumber.

Day 5: cucumber diet for breakfast - a slice of rye bread and a few cucumbers.Lunch salad of fresh vegetables (radishes, cabbages, cucumbers, carrots) and orange.Afternoon snack - an apple.For dinner, cook cucumber salad with vegetable oil, and 20 grams of cheese.Before going to bed (for 2 hours) you can eat a cucumber.

Day 6 weight loss diet For breakfast you can afford a cucumber and a slice of bread.Lunch soup of vegetables and eggs, and you can afford a pear.Refreshments recommended tangerine.Supper cucumber salad, a small cucumber, you can eat before going to bed.

Day 7 diets have breakfast cucumber and a slice of rye bread.For lunch prepare vegetable soup, you can also eat the apple.Snack - fresh cucumber.For dinner we prepare cucumber salad, cucumber and again before bedtime.

diet based on tomatoes and cucumbers - the basis

So, this kind of diet is necessary to sit for 4-5 days, and the main product of this diet are cucumbers.At the same time, we must remember that salt use is prohibited, and if it can not be, then dressed with lemon juice food.Also, you need to eat onions and parsley.In addition to cucumbers, eat one tomato a day.This diet to tomatoes and cucumbers are incredibly useful for the organism and economical for your wallet.

diet menu for tomatoes and cucumbers:


For breakfast we eat cucumber salad with greens, dressed with sour cream or yogurt (unsweetened), and a piece of black bread.


Lunch - salad of cabbage and cucumbers, who run the oil (olive).Still eat a piece of boiled chicken breast (about 150 grams) must be without salt.


Snack - cucumber salad with boiled eggs and sour cream.Plus a piece of black bread.


For dinner, do have a salad of tomatoes, cucumbers and peppers.Refill salad with olive oil and herbs.

whole day is necessary to drink water (1.5-2 liters), can be green tea.Chicken breast can be replaced with beef or turkey.To diet for tomatoes and cucumbers to be effective, you need to eat about two kilograms of cucumbers and tomatoes in a day.For five days later disappears two to four kilograms.

three-day diet of cucumber and tomatoes

There is another effective diet for tomatoes and cucumbers, but it must comply with not more than three days.During these days you can lose two to five extra kilos.So, for breakfast we eat one, two tomatoes and boiled egg whites.At lunch - a couple of pieces of cheese and tomato.For lunch, we boil a small piece of chicken breast and make the salad of tomatoes and cucumbers, dressed with fermented baked.

Snack - eat two slices of cheese and one tomato.For dinner (not later than 19:00) we eat a salad of two or three tomatoes, with dill, salt, coriander, pepper, plus one or two spoons of low-fat cottage cheese.In full respect of such a diet on tomato and cucumber good result is guaranteed!Still, there are different diet separately on tomatoes and cucumbers on separately, but it should be noted that the consumption of these vegetables at the same time, brings not only results in the fight against excess weight, but also helps the body to its vast amount of vitamins.