Intercostal neuralgia - Treatment and Symptoms |How to treat intercostal neuralgia

Intercostal neuralgia occurs frequently in our time.Treatment of intercostal neuralgia folk remedies and medication - one of the most effective ways to treat this disease.Let's look at the causes of this disease and the symptoms of intercostal neuralgia.

Intercostal Neuralgia - Symptoms

Intercostal neuralgia is characterized by symptoms of severe and acute pain.Pain arises nerve, the location of which is located between two separate ribs.It should be noted that even at rest, in a patient having the symptoms of severe pain.The pain is so severe that the patient feels it every time you cough or yawn.

Doctors note that the main causes of the onset of symptoms of intercostal neuralgia are:

  • metabolic disturbance,
  • various spinal diseases,
  • problems with the endocrine glands,
  • strong fatigue.

Intercostal neuralgia treatment - the basics


Firstly if you have worsening symptoms of intercostal neuralgia then you should comply with bed rest, for at least three days.This bed should be firm and ha

ve a flat surface for treatment.


In order to withstand the symptoms of intercostal neuralgia, a sore spot for the treatment should be accompanied by something warm, then tied sherstennoy shawl or scarf.You can also use mustard, pepper patch and warming ointments, anti-inflammatory and analgesic effect.In extreme cases, if the symptoms are severe pain, you can take analgesics for the treatment of, for example, "spazgan" or "sedalgin".However, by this method of treatment of the symptoms of intercostal neuralgia try to resort rare, because the body can adapt to them, and tablets cease to act.


When symptoms of intercostal neuralgia should avoid strenuous exercise.It is important to remain calm and not nervous.Be sure to take B vitamins to treat.Alcohol in the treatment of symptoms of intercostal neuralgia is contraindicated.


doctors if symptoms of intercostal neuralgia are advised to undergo physiotherapy treatment and sometimes acupuncture with laser therapy.Not looking for general advice, going to the doctor to postpone, not worth it.

Intercostal neuralgia - Treatment folk remedies

Treatment of intercostal neuralgia symptoms folk remedies - packs


Preparation rue infusions for symptoms of intercostal neuralgia.It is necessary to pour two tablespoons rue one glass of alcohol.Infuse be in a bottle for one week.This infusion should be used as a lotion, when there is an attack of pain to treat.


compress the mixture of thyme, herbs, lavender and peppermint (in a ratio of 1: 1) with intercostal neuralgia symptoms to treat.This mixture is poured boiling water.More hot this weight is applied to the site of pain.The duration of this treatment procedure is - 3 - 4.5 min.


older children for rubbing and compresses a mixture of oil of black henbane with ant alcohol (1: 2), or camphor oil, black henbane, peppermint oil and horse chestnut tincture of the ordinary in a ratio of 2: 2: 2: 1.For one treatment procedure using 10 - 20 ml.Rub with symptoms of intercostal neuralgia should be cautious, after rubbing the area of ​​pain to wrap up warm.

Intercostal neuralgia treatment of folk remedies - wiping


necessary when symptoms of intercostal neuralgia steam flax seeds and gauze, linen or bintovyh small pouches applied to the affected area for treatment.


Buy at the pharmacy wormwood and applying it to the affected area for symptoms of intercostal neuralgia.This contributes to significant pain relief for the treatment.Wormwood can be used fresh or steamed.In order to enhance the medicinal properties of wormwood, Artemisia, a mixture of sea buckthorn oil or olive oil.


Skip horseradish and radishes through the juicer and juice (it should always be fresh) lubricate the affected area.After that, the pain of intercostal neuralgia is reduced, if not disappear.


As for rubbing the symptoms intercostal neuralgia use tincture of mullein flowers skipetrovidnogo 40% ethanol (1: 5) in the face of pain to treat.


When there is trigeminal neuralgia, it is recommended to rub fir oil, which has significant anti-inflammatory properties.

Baths with folk remedies to treat the symptoms of intercostal neuralgia

adoption of a salt bath with sage helps with symptoms of intercostal neuralgia.It should be four tablespoons of sage pour a glass of water for the treatment of intercostal neuralgia.Let it brew for an hour.Then strain.Pour the resulting composition in the bath.Next, add four tablespoons of sea salt.This bath should be taken at night for ten minutes.The procedure should be repeated at least ten times the symptoms of intercostal neuralgia.

People's treatment of the symptoms of intercostal neuralgia using ointments

Preparation of ointment from kidney aspen for symptoms of intercostal neuralgia.You must first be dried and thoroughly crush kidney aspen.Then mix with vaseline or butter in a percentage ratio of 1: 4.Sometimes the treatment of intercostal neuralgia use broth or broth kidney aspen bark of aspen.

How to treat intercostal neuralgia using the recipes of traditional healers

Recipes Vanga to treat symptoms of intercostal neuralgia based on folk remedies

  • Take a piece of pure white linen, the size of 1 meter.Apply to him 100 grams of gun oil.Three evenings Streak apply to the sore spot for symptoms of intercostal neuralgia.
  • Lubricate the sore spot of honey for treatment.Jerky movements resembling the skin peel off the bones, promassirovat.Repeat the procedure on the next day and so on until the complete disappearance of pain.
  • skinned hare or rabbit.Sprinkle it on the inside skin of red pepper and sprinkle with sunflower oil, and then attach to the back of the patient with symptoms of intercostal neuralgia.

Treating symptoms intercostal neuralgia by prescription Ivan Prokhorov using folk remedies

Dissolve a tablespoon of garlic oil in 0.5 liters of vodka or cognac.This is a good way to keep the volatile components of garlic that are poorly soluble in water.Lubricate the essence of the forehead, temples to treat the symptoms if you have a migraine or neuralgia.

Intercostal neuralgia treatment of folk remedies on prescription Russian healers

During neuralgic attack to cook hard-boiled eggs, cut it in half and both halves immediately attach to the sore spot.When the egg is cooled, then the pain will disappear, and the relatively long time will not bother.