Vegetable diet for weight loss

not believe it, but there's a wonderful diet that guarantees a good effect, almost without creating inconveniences associated with hunger, and does not make you pale, haggard creature with dull hair and black eyes.The name of this miracle - vegetable diet to lose weight.

benefits of vegetable diet to lose weight

diet on vegetables cleanses the digestive system and blood vessels, it helps to get rid of this disease such as atherosclerosis, and thus is considered to be an effective tool in the fight against the hated overweight.There are many different variants of vegetable diet, but they all have a common platform - fresh vegetables.With vegetable diet allowed all the vegetables, the only exception is potatoes.

Basic principles of vegetable diet to lose weight

They are pretty simple.We need to take one and a half kilograms of any raw vegetables, divided into five flat portions, and eat them throughout the day.And remember: the set should be as diverse as possible.The diet must enter various gre

ens, zucchini, cabbage, carrots, cucumbers, tomatoes, lettuce.As a supplement, use low-fat dairy products.And, of course, do not forget about fruit.Such a nice fruit and vegetable diet will enable you to lose up to seven kilograms of excess weight over the last month and that's without the slightest damage to health.

Vegetable diet for weight loss allows to arrange fasting days.As an option - four to five days feeding vegetable salads, which are filled with oil and lemon juice, and various vegetable soups, ingredients components depend on your imagination.

sit on a vegetable diet is recommended in season vegetables and less expensive for the pocket, and a variety of vegetables just amazing.Sticking to such a diet should be at least a month, and if you enter in your daily diet is essential carbohydrates and proteins, it can be longer.Such persistence on your part compensated for the loss of those unwanted extra kilos.

Vegetable diet to lose weight - the rules

Subject to certain rules of this diet should be followed.

Rule number one: no diet, no matter how effective, can not replace exercise.

Rule number two: Do ​​not go up to fanaticism, which entails a nervous breakdown, sagging skin and other "gifts".So be patient - and forward to the slimness and beauty!Vegetable diet for weight loss guarantee you that!

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