Lumbago Treatment folk remedies

Lumbago called a strong, sharp pain in the lumbar region.Folk remedies for lumbago treatment are often more effective than medications, but they should be used after consulting a physician.

lumbago Treatment of folk remedies - recommendations

Before you offer the treatment of lumbago folk remedies, I would like to emphasize the important points.First of all, the patient is recommended bed rest.The patient must lie on his back.Legs should be bent and picked up the pillows.It is in such a position of the body almost all the muscles of the spine relaxed.It should be noted that the patient bed should not be soft.

Recipes folk remedies to treat lumbago


For this recipe you will need one tablespoon of eucalyptus leaves, one tablespoon of yarrow leaves and 400 ml of water.Cooking recipe: Eucalyptus should insist one hour and thirty minutes of yarrow.It is important that the grass must insist separately.Then, the resulting infusion is necessary to drain and mix with each other.Take 3 tablespoons n

ecessary only in cases where the pain is acute.


you will need: one tablespoon of elderberry flowers and two tablespoons of eucalyptus leaves.Recipe: Brew grass a glass of water, each separately.Herbs need to press one hour.The resulting infusion is necessary to drain.Next, mix the herbs.Drink during exacerbation three tablespoons.


For the next recipe you will need: 10 grams of eucalyptus leaves, 20 g grass rosemary, water 0.5.Recipe: First we need to carefully grind the herbs and boil them separately.Eucalyptus should insist one hour Ledum half an hour.Then strain the infusion is necessary.Then mix in these proportions: one tablespoon of rosemary and a teaspoon of eucalyptus.Infusion take four tablespoons of not less than twice a day.


For this recipe you will need: one tablespoon of eucalyptus and 200 ml of birch sap.The preparation is mixed with birch sap eucalyptus.You need to drink 75 ml of at least two times a day.This recipe is not only used for the prevention of lumbago, but also for the complete disappearance of pain.

reasons lumbago

There is this pain is usually due to the strong pressure of the spine muscles.Hypothermia only provokes lumbago.It is worth noting that lumbago can only be one of the few manifestations of various diseases of the spine.For example, sciatica.But it is not all that bad.You can try to get rid of lumbago folk remedies that will not take much time and effort.After all, the recipes are not difficult to use, and the ingredients you can buy at your local pharmacy.