Tangerine diet for weight loss

South Korean scientists recently conducted a series of studies in which it was found that the miracle fruit mandarin prevents obesity and can reduce obesity.The mandarins were found a substance that promotes weight loss.And believe me, soon experts will develop a series of new and effective drugs for weight loss, but in the meantime you can enjoy a tangerine diet.

Tangerine diet for losing weight - the basis

No wonder that now the tangerine Diet is booming, it is extremely popular with all who want to become slim due to its low calorie and vkusnoty.And what can we say about this side of the usefulness ?!This diet can be used not only to lose weight, but also clear the body if necessary.What is this a miracle diet?There may be variations.

Fasting days with tangerine diet slimming

You can arrange a fasting days, when the diet is made up of one and a half kilograms of mandarin.During the day, allowed only tangerines and water.It is also allowed to use unsweetened green tea.However, do not overdo it

: on this kind of diet can stay a maximum of three to four days.

Result tangerine diet are impressive: in just four days, you will get rid of four kilograms!Plus, as an added bonus, you get a beautiful complexion and well-being.

Menu tangerine weight loss diet

Would you like to get a lasting weight loss results, and immediately get rid of the seven kilogram?- no problem!Take into service tangerine menus designed by nutritionists.

  • Breakfast: one tangerine and one cup of green tea without sugar;
  • Breakfast number two: one boiled egg and three mandarin;
  • Lunch: one tangerine, one cup of green tea and a hundred grams of boiled chicken with no added salt;
  • Dinner: a tangerine, a bowl of soup and a vegetable, two hundred grams of boiled fish.

tangerine This diet is designed for ten days and will allow to lose seven kilos!Tangerine diet needs to consolidate the results achieved, and this should be left in their everyday diet tangerines.In order to keep in shape for six months is recommended daily for breakfast drink a glass of tangerine juice.

How to properly prepare the juice from a tangerine?To do this, take the mandarins, peel them, divide into segments, remove seeds and miss through the juicer.If that is not - squeeze the juice through a sterile gauze hand.Good luck losing weight and pleasant consolidate the results!

© Author: Irina Volkova
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