Encephalopathy treatment of folk remedies

Encephalopathy - a disease which is associated with inflammatory processes in the brain.It may also be acquired and congenital.Buy this disease can result in brain damage, which appeared due to some injuries, symptoms of infection or vascular disease.Treatment of folk remedies better encephalopathy combined with medication, and be under the supervision of a physician.

Encephalopathy treatment of folk remedies - the basis

encephalopathy Treatment folk remedies it is possible, but only with strict adherence to medications cooking recipes.Home Treatment folk remedies, prepared properly, can be very detrimental impact on the health of the patient - disease worsen, new symptoms appear or develop in parallel a completely different new disease, which exacerbate the overall condition of the patient.

Balm on the basis of folk remedies for treatment of encephalopathy

to clean the vessels of the brain, as well as improve blood circulation and reduce the noise in my head, and dizziness usually apply a spe

cial herbal balm.To prepare the balm you need to start to prepare three infusions.

encephalopathy Treatment folk remedies - balms


first tincture - a tincture of red clover.For its preparation must take forty grams of flowers of clover and pour them five hundred milliliters sorokaprotsentnogo alcohol.Infuse it needs two weeks in any dark place.


Then you need to prepare a second infusion - infusion Caucasian Dioscorea.For its preparation is necessary to take fifty grams Dioscorea roots, cover them with five hundred milliliters sorokaprotsentnogo alcohol, and also to insist in a dark place for two weeks.


third tincture - propolis tincture.For its preparation must take propolis soft pieces and pour into a container of dark glass semidesyatiprotsentnym alcohol.Infuse the infusion should be for ten days in a dark place, and then strain.After all the preparations, tinctures mix and apply balm on one table spoon three times a day after meals.Diluting balm should be in the water.

symptoms of encephalopathy

early stages of encephalopathy are characterized by a decrease in the level of memory and mental development, as well as sleep disorders and constant fatigue.If the disease is not stopped in development, but rather continues to progress, the patient can receive a variety of disorders of vision, hearing, seizures, mental disorders and persistent headaches.In the most severe cases, with the rapid development of the disease the patient loses consciousness and may fall into a coma.