fistula treatment folk remedies

fistulas usually occur due to suppuration, which lay in the course of the body, rather than the outside, and then opened.Fistulae no overrun due to the fact that they always extend across some selection.Fistula Treatment folk remedies - this is an additional and very effective procedure, which does not take long long result.

fistula Treatment folk remedies - herbs

fistula Treatment folk remedies using herbal ointment This ointment for wound healing of the fistula in the rectum and the vagina.To prepare you need the bark of oak, toadflax flowers, grass water pepper, lard.All this you finely crushed and pour melted bacon in a ratio of 1: 2.Place the container with the mixture in the oven on low heat for at least half a day.You make tampons promaschivaete their ointment and apply.Changes every five hours.

mixture against fistula on the gums against fistula on the gums, use oil infused with eucalyptus leaves with a chopped onion.Imposes the mixture once a day for 20 minutes.For the healing of the fist

ula, you will need two pieces of marigold flowers, flowers and grass, yarrow, dandelion root, grass and inflorescences of tansy.All this Peremel grinder and add one part Vishnevsky liniment, ichthyol ointment and calendula oil until smooth.

recipe with St. John's wort Boil two tablespoons of St. John's wort with 1,5 glass of water.Decant.The leaves are spread on a cellophane and wrap the affected area.After the procedure rinse the remaining water from the St. John's wort.Apply tincture as long as the pus comes out.

Aloe has proven himself in the fight against fistula and aloe.Take aloe (flower must be older than two years) Twelve leaves, rinse them in boiled water.Then finely chop them and put in a quart jar.Add honey.Insist in a dark place, but do not forget to stir once a day.After eight days of strain tincture two or three times and take a teaspoon before meals three times a day.

Fistula Treatment folk remedies using olive oil

fistula treatment using olive oil and vodka.Take equal amounts of olive oil and vodka mix.The resulting mixture rub the affected area, apply a cabbage leaf on top of the outside.Use a compress should be two to three times a day.After two weeks, you will feel the improvement.

Folk remedy, mummy, for the treatment of fistula

Another way Aloe - with the addition of juice mummy.Mummy soaked in water to form a dark color, is extracted from the juice and mix it with the juice of aloe.Bandage soaked in the resulting liquid and apply to the affected area for a long time.