Cones treatment of folk remedies

Treatment bumps on legs folk remedies actually just the appearance near the big toe of a specific build-up.Because of such bumps can greatly deformed thumb, and with it the entire foot.It appears painful bone and finger often deflected deep into the foot.Sometimes such a strong deformation causes a person throbbing pain.Particularly severe pain occurs in friction.It greatly limits of human movements and reduces his ability to work.There are serious problems in the selection of shoes.These problems arise from the fact that a grown bone is almost impossible to pick up shoes in the leg, any shoe will create discomfort and cause discomfort in the process of friction.

Treatment cones folk remedies - a phenomenon quite common, because this problem has existed for a long time, and the ways to fight it invented myriad.

Cones treatment of folk remedies - ointments


very effective method of combating cones considered bile of various animals and birds.This medicine can be purchased at a pharmacy.Apply it

should be, resulting in the spreading cone.Over time, the salt deposited there begin to diverge.


If you want to speed up the process of divergence salts, reception rastirok of bile can be alternated with the reception rastirok of iodine and vinegar.Preparing such a rubbing with five drops of iodine per teaspoon devyatiprotsentnogo vinegar.

Treatment cones folk remedies - compresses based products


Still on the list of popular recipes there is a treatment option, is credited with almost unbelievable properties.It is necessary to attach to the patient place a piece of freshly caught river fish on top of it lay a cotton swab, and then secure the bandage.This compress should be kept on the leg all night.The procedure itself should be continued throughout the week.Throughout the following week is necessary to carry out another procedure - daily rubbed into the affected area fir oil.


also healers offer lubricate bumps using olive oil can also be used, and butter.Potato starch can perfectly cope with almost any bump or bruise.What you need to do?Dilute it with water form a slurry, then just put on the damaged area.


The next day, after hitting finely chop the cabbage leaves or skip them through a meat grinder, a little boil in milk, wrap it in a napkin and attach still warm compress on the bump.This folk remedy works perfectly.Compress hold at least an hour and then wash the cone with water.Warm compresses effectively contributes to the rapid resorption of bumps.Preheat the salt, egg, or a special-heating device (something like a lamp) and descend.


Chicken egg with white shell need to pour into a 50-ounce glass and fill it with 70% acetic acid, leave in a dark cool place for fourteen days.Then remove the egg shell, and the rest, and shake well to mix, adding to previously tablespoon of melted lard, 10 grams of turpentine.One day you have a ready-made homemade ointment cones.

packs of folk remedies, herbs for the treatment of bumps on the legs


Folk remedies of cones also recommend the use of an ordinary bay leaves.To use the recipe you need to use the four - five bay leaves, then for a few minutes, boil them in water and has not ostyvshimi apply to lump formed.


Do not forget about the healing properties of aloe.Cut aloe leaves into thin plates, and apply to the sore spot for the night.Cone will take place in a couple of days.

Dangers bumps on legs

For many people, the problem of bumps on the legs becomes an issue purely in appearance, because it brings some discomfort, but it makes it impossible to wear light and open shoes.But along with this there is a more serious problem - orthopedic.Because of the bumps that appeared on the leg there are significant changes in the structure of the foot - changes in ligaments, bones and tendons.There is a high probability of occurrence of arthritis and ekstozov.

Prevention cones folk remedies

  • evening intense foot massage;
  • relaxing bath with the addition of warm water, sea salt, baby soap, or an extract of a coniferous tree;
  • special gymnastics, necessarily including a fifteen-minute walking on toes, legs skating bottles or sticks and lifting the toes of small parts from the floor;
  • as far as possible to abandon the tight shoes and heels (permissible height of 4 cm).The best footwear is considered containing insoles.