Milk instructions for use |Milk indications for use

Medical use of milk thistle, drugs which are sometimes sold under the name of its active ingredient silymarin, thousands of years and is well known since antiquity.A more than 300 scientific studies on the effects of milk thistle, especially in liver diseases.

Milk - instructions for use

Dosage thistle thistle recommended dose is 230-420 mg standardized extract per day in 2 or 3 doses (effective dose to 8,000 mg, but the safety of these doses has not been proven).Doses silipida, special product from milk thistle, is well absorbed by the body, comprise 160-480 mg per day.Milk thistle is often combined with other plants and substances, such as dandelion, choline, inositol and methionine.These combinations may be called "hepatic complexes" or "lipotropic factors" ( "lipotropic" means "pertaining to fats").Lipotropic substances prevent the deposition of fat in the liver.Dosage should be indicated on the packaging.


  • Milk is most effective when it is received between meals.
  • Improvement can occur within 1-2 weeks after you start taking milk thistle, although in chronic diseases, this may require long-term treatment.

Indications thistle

  • to protect the liver from all kinds of toxins, including drugs, poisons and chemicals
  • For ameliorating such liver diseases as cirrhosis and hepatitis
  • to reduce liver damage in alcoholism
  • When gallstones and to prevent it

Medicinal properties

thistle Thistle, or ostropestro (Silybum marianum) a representative of the family Asteraceae.This plant purple inflorescence and milk-white veins on the leaves.It is now common throughout the world.His shiny black seeds are used for medicinal purposes are collected in late summer.

Milk - how the Milk Thistle, one of the most intensively studied plants used in our time.Continued research in order to clarify the healing properties of milk thistle, especially its action in liver diseases.Its effectiveness is related to the presence of the flavonoid complex of three hepatoprotective (liver protecting) compounds, known collectively as silymarin.Silymarin content in mature seeds is from 4 to 6%.

Milk - the main effect

One of the most important beneficial properties of milk thistle, its ability to strengthen the liver, one of the most important organs in size second only to skin.Liver recycles nutrients, including fat and other food products.Furthermore, it neutralizes and breaks down many drugs, alcohol and chemical contamination.Milk thistle enhances the activity of the liver, preventing the depletion of glutathione-peptide composed of three amino acids needed for the detoxification process.

Milk-powerful antioxidant, more powerful than vitamins C and E, and so it prevents tissue damage by free radicals.In addition, it stimulates the regeneration of new healthy liver cells, replacing damaged cells.Milk makes it easy for many serious liver diseases, including viral hepatitis and cirrhosis.This plant works so hard that sometimes in the form of injection used in the emergency case of poisoning deadly poisonous mushrooms, which are detrimental toxins affect the liver.In addition, since an excess of alcohol leads to a depletion of glutathione, a thistle up for them, it can protect the liver in alcoholism in people being treated for alcohol dependence.

Milk - additional opportunities in cancer patients with chemotherapy induced thistle limit damage to the liver and contributes to the improvement of speeding up the excretion of toxic substances that can accumulate in the body.There is scientific evidence that milk thistle may lower blood cholesterol levels.

Side effects thistle and contraindications

Side Effects Milk thistle Possible side effects include stomach irritation, headache, itching, loss of appetite, flatulence, heartburn, joint pain, impotence, low blood sugarand anaphylactic shock.In some people, milk thistle may, within 1-2 days, have a laxative effect.


  • Milk thistle may interact with medications, degradable liver, drugs to lower blood sugar, phenytoin, as well as plants and additives having a similar effect.
  • Any liver disease requires careful examination of the patient and treatment under medical supervision.
  • Remember!If you are sick, pregnant, breastfeeding, if you are allergic to plants of the Asteraceae family, or if you are taking prescription drugs sold, before taking milk thistle consult your doctor.

Forms release thistle

  • Tablets
  • Capsules
  • Soft Gel
  • Liquid

Facts and tips when using thistle

  • To ensure that you get the required dose, buy productsmade of standardized extracts containing 70-80% silymarin (milk thistle active ingredient).One can also buy products containing milk thistle associated with phosphatidylcholine, lecithin main component of natural compounds.Studies have shown that this combination is absorbed better than regular milk thistle.
  • Avoid alcoholic tinctures.Some of these contain large amounts of alcohol and in large doses can be dangerous for the liver.
  • It is possible that milk thistle may be an important weapon in the fight against skin cancer.Researchers from Cleveland found that the application of silymarin substance to the skin of mice by 75% reduces the number of skin tumors resulting from exposure to ultraviolet light.More research is needed to confirm a similar effect in humans.
  • Milk poorly soluble in water, so prepared from its seeds tea usually contains little hepatoprotective substances.