Schizophrenia treatment of folk remedies

schizophrenia disease formerly known disease Bleuler or just dementia.Treatment of schizophrenia folk remedies helps to cope with mental disorders and ease symptoms.

Schizophrenia Treatment folk remedies - the basis

Treatment of folk remedies for schizophrenia involves a use of herbal drugs that have sedative, calming effect.Also, these drugs can help cleanse the body.By popular methods of treatment also include hydrotherapy and fasting.

Treating schizophrenia folk remedies Tibetan technology

drevnetibetskoy In medicine there is the method of treatment of patients with schizophrenia, using vegetable oils, lain in the ground for twelve months.Oil must dig deep into the ground up to fifty centimeters, and throughout the year it should be underground.Then, this oil should be rubbed the patient, focusing much attention to the head, neck and upper spine.

Features schizophrenia

Translated from the Greek name of schizophrenia means "splitting" of the psyche or soul.According to estimates and sta

tistics of various scientific experts, the worldwide disease such as schizophrenia affects approximately fifteen hundredths of a percent to one percent of the Earth's inhabitants.Schizophrenia has a very diverse and, in some cases, even a unique clinical picture.This pattern consists of a number of different syndromes and symptoms.

symptoms of schizophrenia


Autism.This state is shut off and a certain isolation from the surrounding reality.Such patients are fully immersed in their own reality with very different experiences and sensations.With such patients is very difficult to establish regular contact and easy to communicate, because they do not support the conversation.Such patients live in their own closed world, which is completely incomprehensible to others around.


Loss of unity of psychic phenomena - splitting.All the feelings and aspirations of the patient completely lost touch with the surrounding real world.It appears irritability, inappropriate speech and response.Constant mood swings, as well as braking action.


loss of activity.Patients gradually lose the desire for activity and physical activity.They become passive and listless.

This disease varies not only the symptoms and manifestations, but also over.Schizophrenia there are so many, so list them does not make sense.On this theme written entire books.