Erysipelas treatment of folk remedies

Erysipelas (still known as - mug) is an inflammatory disease of the skin, the disease - an infectious nature.It is caused by the hemolytic streptococcus, possibly flowing in its chronic form, and acute form.Simply put mug is a contagious disease of the skin and subcutaneous tissue.This disease begins suddenly and sharply.

Erysipelas treatment of folk remedies - a sequence of treatment

  1. Receiving weak manganese solution inside (1 tablespoon in the morning.).
  2. reflex correcting therapy.
  3. correction of spine disorders.
  4. Special complexes of exercises.
  5. Biochemical correction using natural medicines.
  6. local pressure therapy for the formation of the outflow.Very effective hot tub while pushing through dense foci by a technique developed in our clinic (3-4-5-fold punching).As a result, pressure therapy decreases the temperature.
  7. Local compresses with a hot infusion of herbs.
  8. When all the dirt away with toxins in the blood, it is possible a small rise in temperature.As anti-infective, anti-inflammatory
    and trophic means effective packs with vodka.A very good result given the hot and lotions - first with brine, and when the swelling subsides - with cutaneous collection of herbs (you can get it in our clinic).
  9. Plentiful hot drink with fees herbs ( "anti-infective β„–30 extract", "extract of Artemisia", "Eucalyptus extract", "Ekstraktehinatsei").
  10. Hot Tubs.

Erysipelas treatment of folk remedies, herbal compresses on


Medicine of plantain.Preparation: plantain leaves a large pre-ground to a state of pulp, and then apply to the affected areas of skin disease five to six times a day.


Medicine of burdock.Leaves torn fresh burdock beat off a hammer or other convenient device for you to release the juice.Then brush them with sour cream and apply to the sore spot.


Gruel from the root of the plant, as Oman is high.It is necessary to apply the resulting slurry to the skin disease is impressed twice daily.


Such a plant as mylyanka drug is quite common among the people as a tool to help in the treatment of erysipelas.Preparation: grind to a powder of the roots of plants after = pour hot boiled water, the composition thoroughly stir until mushy state.Apply to the skin.

Folk remedies for the treatment of erysipelas using products


Other means of rye flour, elderberry and honey.Preparation: pre-crushed to a powder elderberry leaves, add the rye flour and honey - in equal proportions, all the ingredients thoroughly.The resultant mixture was use wraps for applying to diseased skin, three times per day.


Treatment of erysipelas.Medicine from potatoes.Wash the potatoes, grate it on a grater.A thin layer applied to the sore spot.The procedure takes thirty to forty minutes.The mixture is removed, rinse the skin with warm water.


cucumber.Preparation: Grate the cucumber, put the resulting slurry to the damaged area, apply top dressing, which should be changed twice a day.

principles of national treatment of erysipelas

Unfortunately, at present, all treatment of erysipelas is reduced to the selection of various antibacterial drugs and hormones, their dosage and finding ways to "pushing in" all of the body.As a result of making rapid external effect - eliminate the body's response to erysipelas.But this effect is temporary because the chronic lesions erysipelas remain.After a short time - again relapse fever, pain, swelling, etc.

Here, even contact with the infection not necessary: ​​in chronic process in the deep layers are formed infectious foci mikrotrombozy develops mikrospaechny and fibro-sclerotic process, blood circulation is disturbed.These pockets of drugs just do not work.Streptococcus "sitting" and "waiting for" favorable conditions for a new relapse.And each time an outbreak severe and prolonged.They can last for weeks or even months, accompanied by high fever, severe intoxication, crises, heartbeat, etc.

Mainly in our hospital treated patients after multiple courses of antibiotic treatment, their condition is characterized by severe chronic pathological process and resistant flora.To cure these patients do not need to distribute the tablets, and finding the root cause of erysipelas, and deal with it.This reason - violation of the microcirculation in the tissues.To her cause disturbance of venous and lymphatic drainage (varicose veins and thrombophlebitis) and inflow (diabetic and toxic micro- and macroangiopathy, neuropathy).All this causes atrophy of the tissues, and above all disturbed skin barrier function (secretion of skin glands, thinning of the epidermis, the oppression of the sprout layer of the skin).As a result, it weakens the local and general immunity.In 90% of cases there is a violation of the autonomic innervation due to lesions of the lumbosacral spine.

It chronic discogenic radiculitis cause disruptions in feeding the roots of the spinal cord, intervertebral ganglia.The first to suffer from autonomic fibers are most vulnerable.Disturbed regulation of vascular tone walls, both arterial and venous, which leads to changes in the above.As a rule, several negative factors, and they reinforce each other's action.The goal of treatment - establish and consolidate the system of autonomic regulation, form the inflow and outflow of blood and lymph.It is sure to be taken into account and adjusted comorbidities.Antibiotics, synthetic anti-inflammatory drugs and hormones can not be used.

Symptoms of erysipelas

Headache, vomiting, temperature can reach 40 degrees, nausea, some areas of the skin amazed burning and soreness.

There are many drugs that offer national, in the case of disease erysipelas.Many of these drugs can prepare their own meals at home.

People's treatment of erysipelas should be persistent and long.After such treatment, and subject to the further recommendations of relapse does not happen.In our clinic, cured hundreds of patients, we have the opportunity to observe the long-term.