giardiasis Treatment folk remedies

On the Internet, we can now find a lot of articles relating to the treatment of giardiasis and folk remedies, however, with this treatment, be sure to consult with your physician.

giardiasis Treatment folk remedies - teas and tinctures

  • first recipe of black poplars and poplar.You need: tincture of this plant, a glass of warm water (water can be replaced with raw milk).Accept need somewhere for an hour before a meal, drip forty drops to one glass of raw milk or water, take three times in twenty-four hours, taking on for twenty or thirty days.
  • following recipe with eucalyptus.It can be as spherical, and prutevidny, and maybe even ash.You will need somewhere five milliliters of one percent solution of alcohol and water thirty milliliters.Sam recipe: Take all the same one percent solution of alcohol, which should be diluted with thirty milliliters of water.Take every day before meals, minutes because somewhere in his forties, and even more.It takes three times a day
  • Tincture of tansy, as we call wi
    ld rowan.Take her somewhere five grams per hundred milliliters of water.Drinking need still warm, three times a day.
  • Recipe with Artemisia Cina.These flowers should be dry, then grind in a mortar.Then you need to prepare the patient for rubbing.It is best to pulverize the mixture in advance prepared with sugar or honey.Take five grams need the so-called "tsitvarnaya mixture", adults should take three times a day and a half and two hours before a meal.lambioza Treatment should be carried out in two days.
  • Take the cloves and flaxseeds 10/1.This mixture should be taken with food.For the average person the correct dose of medication at a time of food is around 25-30 grams.This treatment should be continued until one month.The tool not only helps by Giardia and from almost all the parasites that live inside of us.

Giardiasis treatment with products and folk remedies

  • insist garlic takes somewhere in the twenty-five drops, two or three times a day.Accept with milk (can be water, but too much is not good to eat), the reception is carried out for thirty minutes before meals.
  • recipe with pumpkin.We need the most ordinary pumpkin seeds, where they take - the three hundred grams, then you need to grind them in a mortar, mortar itself the seeds should be thoroughly rinsed in fifty milliliters of water.Then merge it all into a bowl, it is possible to podbavit honey.The mask, which turn we have to take on an empty stomach, it is best to very small portions.Reception should be within one hour.And three hours later, you will need to take a laxative.
  • If Giardia found in the liver, it is necessary to drink on an empty stomach half a cup of cabbage brine (sauerkraut).
  • need to follow the recipe corn silk 10 g.Method: corn stigmas pour 200 (boiling) water.Let it brew.Take two tablespoons four times a day.
  • To prepare this recipe requires one cup of oats.Preparation: one cup of oats brewed with one liter of water to evaporation, the fourth part of the liquid.Take two glasses must not less than four times per day.
  • A for the manufacture of the drug you need a deep dish and coconut.Open the coconut milk and pour into a bowl.The inner walls of the coconut rub on a small grater and add to jelly.Eat one spoon of this mixture per day.But remember, that is stored in the refrigerator, it can not be more than 2 days.Treatment-3 weeks.

Causes of giardiasis

Causes of giardia is not eating mytyh products, especially fruits.Drinking tap water is also directed to the longwall causes of giardia.Giardia is transmitted through everyday objects and hands.So do not forget to wash your hands.Especially before meals.

Symptoms of giardiasis

  • Reduced appetite decreases body weight
  • diarrhea
  • rumbling in the abdomen, vomiting, nausea
  • in the upper abdomen, pain.

As you can see, the folk remedies of giardiasis are nothing scary or hard, so you need to take this seriously and responsibly.If you do not treat the disease, then nothing good is not over, especially for your intestines, therefore, that he will be home to parasites.They stay in your body will decrease the efficiency of digestion, immune system disorders, bowel disorders, and other unpleasant consequences, so it is best as quickly as possible to get rid of giardia.