Treatment of folk remedies chondrosis

Treatment chondrosis using folk remedies - is hard and often painful process.All this is due to the fact that hondroz- this degenerative process that occurs and develops in the bone and cartilage tissues.Most often this tissue intervertebral discs.In people, this problem, and then the disease, and for centuries called "the deposition of salts."

chondrosis Treatment folk remedies


At various pains in the joints, and lumbar spine are recommended plants that have a sedative and analgesic properties, and improve tissue trophism.


tincture barbarisa.Mnogie my patients very much praise this tincture, saying that it significantly reduces the pain appeared.For the preparation of tinctures used root and bark of barberry: twenty-five grams of the root or bark filled with ten milliliters of pure alcohol.Take thirty drops three times a day.


tincture of white wonderful cheremuhi.Eto medicine.Tincture is made from the bark of white bird cherry, one or two tablespoons of bark poured a glass of vodk

a.Infused tincture for about two weeks, then you can begin to take.

reasons chondrosis

reasons for the emergence of this disease almost everyone enough.This deposition of various calcium compounds which has not been fully digested by bone tissue due to the deterioration of bone evolved processes of circulation, which in turn is caused by the weakening and curvature of the spine, as well as a progressive decrease in the distance between the individual vertebrae.

Symptoms chondrosis

If the violation occurred in the cervical vertebrae, often there are headaches, frequent dizziness, pain in the neck, arms, there is a significant deterioration of the cerebral circulation.If changes in the thoracic spine, the pain in the cardiac muscle of gastro-intestinal tract.Various disorders in the lumbar vertebrae create back pain, legs, and may also appear in the calf muscle cramps, there are serious problems with the bladder and prostate, are not uncommon in the case of female gynecological and other diseases.

chondrosis Treatment folk remedies happening for a long time.It must be remembered that the various folk remedies only help to relieve the pain of the disease appeared.They did not destroy the cause of the disease - a violation in cartilage and bone.