leukoplakia Treatment folk remedies

Treatment folk remedies arising leukoplakia is very popular nowadays.

leukoplakia Treatment folk remedies - recipes


you need to carry out cleansing of the body, somewhere in the fifth or seventh day of your menstrual cycle.Cleansing the body should be in the middle.For this drink so-called elixir of "purification".Take one egg yolk and drink it on an empty stomach.This will help you cleanse the body and bring your body back in order.


very useful in the treatment of leukoplakia have tampons with oils of plants such as rose hips and sea buckthorn, tampons do with aloe vera, but they are not very recommended.After all, they can cause in the body is very rapid growth of cells.Unfortunately the same can lead to swollen, and very malignant.If you use tampons, we can see that the infection has occurred, you should immediately stop the treatment because healing is long enough.

Treatment of leukoplakia surgically

As practice shows, the treatment is best done with coagulation.What different m

eans moxibustion site, which is best done with a laser.But there is a huge minus, all these laser surgery greatly injure the cervix itself.

Features of leukoplakia leukoplakia

uterine cervix looks like a thicker surface layer of the epithelium of the cervix, which is located in the vaginal part.Translation of the word leukoplakia with the Greek language can be translated as "white spot on the body."The disease can be formed by, when disturbed keratinization all processes on the surface epithelium in the cervix.Very often this cause, uterine leypoplakiya indicates that a violation of ovarian function.This all may be the cause, when the cervix exposed to the virus that could be passed even by the usual herpes.Or perhaps it may develop from such a virus as human papillomavirus.

Whatever treatment was of high quality, then you should give up sex life for five or even maybe six weeks after the treatment of leukoplakia.If you have already completed the full course of treatment, then visit your gynecologist should be not less than once every three or four months, that is, once a season.If you do not want to have children, they should be protected, the best way to protect it certainly contraceptives, hormonal best.