itching Treatment folk remedies

If itching occurs, it is very difficult to endure, it distracts from the job, prevents sleep and causes damage skin until blood.Treatment of pruritus folk remedies practiced fairly widely and for a long time, so it is a positive result.

Treatment itching folk remedies - infusions

Cooking tincture of mint.In 100 ml of alcohol or vodka throw a tablespoon of crushed dried mint leaves.If fresh mint - Use three tablespoons.Close the container and put in a dark cool place for 14 days.You can then strain and smear the damaged skin.

Itching - Treatment with ointments based on folk remedies

  • Four tablespoons of celandine with slide on a coffee grinder to grind, pour a glass of boiled water and keep the water bath for half an hour.After the drain, add the same amount of pork fat, was stirred using a mixer and then heated in a water bath, not boiling.When the mixture has cooled, it is necessary to put on the itchy places, and it will help with acne or burns.
  • Boil a glass of vegetable oil and add the cho
    pped six small bulbs.Immediately after the onions acquire a brownish color, remove from heat and drain.After that, the oil is to add two tablespoons of grated beeswax, boil for five minutes and then strain.Handle damaged areas and ointment stored in the cold.
  • cider vinegar.Moisten a cotton pad is not diluted apple cider vinegar and apply to the skin places that itch.

Broth on folk remedies - treatment of itching

  • You will need: herb nettle, burdock root, rhizome of valerian, elecampane leaves, thistles, flowers, licorice root, leaves and flowers of clear white, violet flowers.Preparation: all of the above ingredients take one tablespoon each, mix thoroughly, and then pulverized (you can use a coffee grinder or blender), then two tablespoons of the resulting mixture, pour into a saucepan, where pre-poured half a liter of boiling water.Thereafter, warm water bath for five minutes, then daemnastoyatsya leaving overnight broth.Drink decoction for three months.Daily one tablespoon twice daily.
  • You will need one tablespoon of small leaflets periwinkle.Preparation: Pour the pre-shredded leaves periwinkle with boiling water, then cook in a saucepan on a quiet fire about ten minutes.Allow to cool, then strain the resulting broth.This broth is necessary to bathe, adding it to the water when bathing.A residue which is left after you drain the broth can zavenut in cheesecloth and apply to itchy skin subjected places.
  • decoction of herbs, which is called Veronica officinalis.Preparation: to pour one teaspoon of the above-mentioned herbs one cup of pre-boiled water, leave for half an hour, after which the broth to cool, and then strain.Drink one cup of decoction, three times a day.

dietary recommendations for the treatment of itching

  • Try to avoid the use of irritating foods, coffee, alcohol, cigarettes should be completely excluded, and by spices, fried and fatty foods, salt and sugar - to give as much as possible.Try to diversify your diet using fruits, vegetables, sea fish and lean meat.
  • Pumpkin seeds will help to get rid of the itch.One cup of seeds should be consumed every day.
  • tea balm.Preparation: pour a glass of hot boiled water one tablespoon of pre-dried and crushed leaves of lemon balm.Drink two glad the day, half a glass, preferably in the morning and evening.The treatment is one month.But remember that this tea is very useful and you can drink it more often.

Remember that folk remedies for itching can help you get rid of this is not a pleasant sensation, such as skin itching, but itching can also be a consequence of more serious diseases of the skin, so the original is better to consult a dermatologist.Treatment of pruritus folk remedies will help you to deal with it, but it should refer to traditional medicine as self-medicate can worsen the situation and bring to the fact that no funds will not be able to help.