Wen Treatment folk remedies

Wen - a tumor that can be of the same size over the years.Traditional medicine has a huge number of recipes and methods of treatment of Wen folk remedies.Furthermore, it is much faster than traditional medicine preparations.

Wen Treatment folk remedies - food

  • Get rid wen help pokeweed berries US.Juice fruit plants should be lubricated with talc every day for 2-3 months.
  • Chew mouth wheat so as to obtain a paste.The resulting mass is put in a cheesecloth and apply as a compress, covered with plastic wrap on top.Wear bandage for several days, then repeat the procedure several times.Wen softens and begins to flow out of it liquid, but you need to put the wheat until they are healed.
  • Excellent onion helps remove talc.Bake a small bulb in the oven and then mash, add to a tablespoon of grated soap and use as a compress.It needs to be fixed on Wen.a bandage several times a day should be changed to better effect.Using this method, you can quickly get rid of this problem.It is very important for people wh
    o are prone to Wen.

wen treatment of folk remedies, compresses


applied to Wen fresh cut sheet of Kalanchoe (pulp to the skin).Fix the sheet of plaster, change the bandage every day.The result should be noticeable within a week.


Apply at night on one side of a mother and stepmother for 10 days.


Chop the leaves and stem of ivy, pour into a glass, so that he took half the volume.Then pour the vodka.Put three weeks in a dark place, but for the strain and apply cake overnight.It should be repeated as long as no wen will resolve completely.


From wen can save and concentrated juice of celandine, which can be found in the pharmacy without a problem.Thus, drip a small drop in the middle of the oil lamp, let soak, and then polechennoe hole attach the pulp of aloe, in this way for a few sessions, wen disappear.It is worth noting that such a bandage should be removed well, just change the aloe and apply a new drop of celandine, if the hole begins to tighten.

mutton fat to treat wen

a water bath to melt a teaspoon of mutton fat.The procedure is carried out with hot grease (as you can tolerate).Burns the skin is not necessary, otherwise the procedure will have to be stopped.Apply a small amount of fat on the wen and vigorously rub it.Strong pain should not be.After the first treatment you will notice a positive result - wen will start to decrease.This massage should be done every day for 10-15 minutes until the disappearance of the defect.

When the talc should be removed?

Wen (lipoma) - a benign tumor, it does not metastasize, does not destroy the bodies, not degenerate into malignant.Therefore, a lipoma is not dangerous for life.Medical indications for removal Wen may appear on those rare occasions when he begins to violate the function of adjacent organs due to the large size.In other cases, lipoma - a cosmetic defect.Therefore, the removal decision is only for the patient.

Folk remedies for Wen applied very broadly, as not everyone will want to have a scar or even a few from the surgery.It is worth noting that in most cases is due to rejection of Operation place education Wen: face, neck, back - the majority of cases recorded in this area, so people use the popular ways to get rid of and Wen is very quick and painless.