Treatment of protrusion of folk remedies

disc protrusion in our time has become the most common form of disc degeneration, which can lead to back pain.Often, there is a protrusion of the disk due to changes with aging or after injury.It may not be noticeable until such time as there is no irritation to the surrounding nerves.Nothing lasts forever, and eventually drives wear happens on their bulging beyond the normal location.Normal disc degeneration occurs in several stages.We talk about the treatment of protrusion of folk remedies.

Treatment of protrusion of folk remedies - garlic tincture of

In the fight against disc protrusion folk healers use a tool really helps - alcohol tincture of garlic.150 milliliters sorokagradusnuyu alcohol or vodka mixed with 300 grams of garlic, crushed before it with the help of spadefoot or grinder.The resulting mixture should insist in a dry, dark place for ten days.Only after that it is ready for use.tincture for its consistency is very similar to porridge.Improvised apply the medicine to the affected are

a and then cover the top of a soft cloth and fixed with the help of polyethylene film.It may appear a feeling of cauterization, but it should not cause intolerable pain, because a serious burn can occur as a consequence of this.Will hold a compress for thirty - forty-five minutes, then the affected area should be wiped with a soft sponge.It is forbidden to carry out such a procedure every day.It is recommended to use it alternately with the methods baths with turpentine.

protrusion treatment of folk remedies using compresses

Kalanchoe Medicinal properties have long been known and used by folk healers of the planet.And its use in the treatment of the protrusion.On the one hand, pull the sheet of Kalanchoe and apply the pulp on the damaged area.Attach a homemade poultice with plaster, and on top of the wrapped scarf or any warm cloth.Such Apply a compress better before going to bed, and as soon as you wake up - remove the bandage.

Oil of folk remedies, birch leaves, for the treatment of protrusion

for treatment of protrusion of the folk remedies are also ideal oil of birch leaves.They relieve pain and inflammation, but also contribute to the restoration of nerve endings in the intervertebral disk channels.Three-liter jar to fill birch leaves, then fill them with vegetable corn oil.Cover the jar with a lid and leave caproic in full sun for fourteen days, every day, shake the the expiration of the required period, the infusion should be filtered through a thick layer of gauze.