BPH treatment folk remedies

consequence of tumor overgrowth of the prostate is BPH.BPH Treatment is folk remedies and medication.

Adenoma Prostate Treatment folk remedies at home

  • Regularly eat onions in fresh form, there are oats, buckwheat and corn porridge.
  • Take a tablespoon of gruel of garlic and pour 0.5 liters of boiling water.Insist, wrapped, 6-8 hours, strain and take 1/4 cup 3 times a day for 30-40 minutes before meals.
  • Take a tablespoon of minced burdock root, pour 0.5 liters of water, boil 10 minutes, drain.Take a wine glass of 4 times a day before meals.
  • Take juice of raw pumpkin 1/2 glass of 2-1 times a day for 30-40 minutes before meals for three weeks.This juice is a diuretic and anti-inflammatory action and promotes excretion of salts.
  • Take 100 g of dried (but not in the sun) aspen bark, chop and place in a 0.5 liter glass bottle, pour 200 ml of vodka, so that it completely covers the bark.Tightly close the cap and insist in a dark place for 2 weeks.The resulting dark brown liquid drained into another bowl
    .Take regular 20 drops 3 times a day before meals.The course of 2 months.
  • 30 grams of pine young shoots to boil in 1 cup of water.Take 2 tbsp.l.4-5 times per day.
  • cornflower, licorice root - 1 part of bearberry leaves - 3 pieces.10 g collection pour 1 cup boiling water, heat in a boiling water bath for 15 minutes, cool 45 minutes, then drain, squeeze and bring the infusion of raw materials to the original volume.Take 3-4 times a day for 2-3 items.l.15-20 minutes before eating.

BPH treatment folk remedies herbal mixtures


Mix the leaves of hazel in the amount of 20 grams, add 10 grams of hawthorn flowers, about 8 grams of grass golden rod, not less than 10 grams of grass Shandra, 15 grams of medicinal herbslithospermum, 20 grams of rhizomes cinquefoil, 15 grams of leaf ash, about 10 grams of grass pomarennika, about 20 grams of rhizomes harrow, as well as 10 grams of grass veronica directly.Drink the resulting mixture is recommended 4 times between meals in one day.The course of treatment lasts for 25 days.


When adenoma effective is the following mixture: equal parts taken Zelenchuk yellow, goldenrod, couch grass root, zimalyubka, aspen leaves, instead you can also use parsley.It is also important to add to all this the flowers motherwort tops, poplar buds, flowers, thorns and roots of asparagus.Preparation: two tablespoons of the mixture obtained welded half a liter of boiling water, the infusion is left for the night.Usage: infusion is used 3 times a day for half an hour before meals for three-quarters of the glass.It should be noted - although the treatment lasts for a long period, but provides a sufficiently effective result.


prostate disease can also be cured with the help of mistletoe in addition to burdock root, pepper Polygonum grass, and corn silk.One tablespoon of the mixture is placed in a cup of boiling water, and then heated on low heat for at least 10 minutes.The medicine should be infused for half an hour.Effective treatment of BPH as folk remedies will give the use of medications every day for 2 cups.


leaves of lemon balm, valerian rhizomes with roots of drug - 15 g, grass Potentilla goose grass rue - for '45 1 tbsp.l.collection pour a glass of boiled water, on a hot plate for 15 minutes, then strain.Drink warm the entire portion with difficulty urinating, bladder spasm.


1 tbsp.l.crushed root of licorice pour 0.5 liters of water and boil for 10 minutes.Allow to cool and then strain.Take 1 glass 4 times a day before meals.

BPH Treatment folk remedies using twigs of hazel

main recipe ingredient - hazel.Tear several of its branches and leaves, soak in water and boil.Let pokipit 20 minutes, then allow to stand until a red-brown color.Pour the liquid into a broad bowl above it is necessary to conduct inhalation.Better constantly taking fresh twigs, although allowed to use them several times.Usually enough week treatment in this manner leaves and prostatitis.

BPH treatment folk remedies using compresses

With this type of treatment can also be put on the crotch compresses.They must consist of fresh cottage cheese, cooked at home.Packs must be superimposed at room temperature.

BPH Treatment folk remedies with linseed oil

If adenoma is recommended to drink linseed oil.You need to use it in doses - 2 teaspoons per day.

manifestations of prostate adenoma

Who is this disease most commonly used term is "benign prostatic hyperplasia".It appears mostly in men over 50 years.The disease develops slowly.It gradually compresses the urinary channel, thus making it difficult bowel movement bladder.