Lumbar hernia treatment folk remedies

After loading the back or lifting weights, man can disturb a strong pain in the back, over time it will not only fail, but also grows in virtually unbearable.If this description fits you, consult a doctor immediately.You can diagnose "lumbar hernia."You have several options: to treat a hernia, resorting to the help of doctors using a laser, or turn to a national prescription treatment.It was the second no less effective methods will be discussed in this article.

Lumbar hernia treatment folk remedies - red hernia

Take ordinary red clay, slightly moisten with water.Wrap a small piece of gauze in that it does not crumbled.Heat the clay up to 35-40 degrees and then attach to the sore area.Top compress put plastic wrap and secure it all with the help of plaster.Clay take off only when it is dry and will crumble.Knowledgeable people claim that this method is one of the most effective in the treatment of lumbar hernia folk remedies.

Folk remedies for the treatment of lumbar hernia - tinctures, compresse



Cut pieces of horse fat - about two hundred grams, add two egg yolks (do not recommend taking the factory eggs) and two teaspoons of iodine.Fold the cheesecloth in two layers and place it on the resulting mixture.Attach a hernia cover with a layer of dry cloth and fix everything with a bandage.After 24 hours, remove the poultice, wash affected area of ​​the body and apply a new wrap.Repeat imposition compresses for ten days.If you do everything right, then soon you will forget about the pain disturbing you.


First rub the spine using pine oil, then apply honey mixed with mummy (1 gram mummy dissolve one teaspoon of warm water per 100 grams of honey).Then start rubbing the resulting gruel damaged area.


very popular treatment for hernia is also a simple decoction of aspen.Take one tablespoon of aspen bark, boil one hour in a glass of water.Drink about four times a day for one - two tablespoons necessarily before a meal.

Lumbar hernia can often develop over a fairly long period of time, and the person begins to feel a sharp pang when lifting weights or after the injury.Therefore, you must first get rid of the pain.This is best done when you are lying on your back, then enclose a folded towel under your knees and a small cushion under the lower back.