Laryngotracheitis folk remedies treatment

laryngotracheitis, or as it is called in medicine - podskladkovy laryngitis is an inflammatory process, which is produced in the larynx, as well as in the anterior trachea.laryngotracheitis treatment can be carried out, and folk remedies.

laryngotracheitis treatment of folk remedies - advice on nutrition

is mandatory excluded from the diet: spicy, salty, hot and cold.Also imperative is the cessation of smoking, so that you will achieve reduction of the load on the neck.

Inhalation based on folk remedies for treatment of laryngotracheitis

  • effective folk remedy for treating the disease are inhaled.They are used on the basis of alkali.In this case, the best mineral water.Also effective are inhaled, which will be the basis for aromatic oils.In such cases, it is best to use rose oil, olive oil, menthol, and eucalyptus.No less effective will be inhalation, the main ingredient of which is chamomile.Also useful inhaled by young shoots bogulnika in proportions of 15 grams crushed, the dried and pre-pl
    ant on 200 ml of water.Boil for 15 minutes.
  • Dry kidney pine spruce and fir are also effective when inhaled.The recipe: take 15 grams of the mixture on top of boiled water.Boil the infusion should be at least 15 minutes, after which it is infused for an hour.
  • If you have found an acute laryngotracheitis - will be the breath of garlic pairs most useful.Preparation of the following medicines - to bring the water to a boil, add the boiling water three pre-pounded garlic cloves.Also, instead of garlic, you can use a couple of drops of turpentine.Breathing should be prepared medicine for 5-7 minutes

Features of laryngotracheitis

It should be noted that the disease is accompanied by swelling in the throat, causing the person observed difficulty breathing.The disease is characterized by cough is tough enough, and may be accompanied by a change in the voice.First of all it is accompanied by a strong enough secretions as mucus and pus.In the early stages of the disease, when the disease is only detected, it is necessary to reduce the activity of speech, drink plenty of hot liquid can be sure not to forget to warm the feet and follow the advice of traditional practitioners.

With proper treatment of laryngotracheitis your voice is restored for a period not exceeding 7 days.But do not prematurely remove the restriction in the voice activity.To it is necessary to resort only after full completion of inflammatory processes in the larynx.Be healthy!