Diathesis treatment of folk remedies at home

We are often reminded of this disease in children as diathesis or atopic diathesis, fearing for the health of the newborn baby.Many mothers in the first few months of life crumbs faced with this problem.If your child has a diagnosis is made, to avoid constant visits to the doctor will use in the treatment of folk remedies.

diathesis Treatment of folk remedies - recommendations

Recovery Your child will accelerate not only the treatment of diathesis of folk remedies, but also continued to meet the special diet, which is based on fruit.Make sure that your child regularly used the yellow and green apples, white currants and pears.Courgettes, cucumbers, squash, parsley, dill - vegetables that are remarkably absorbed and does not cause allergic reactions.Dried fruits - also very useful.From dairy products it is recommended to use cottage cheese, yogurt, yogurt.Of the meat products you can eat mutton, boiled horsemeat and beef.Permission is granted to rice, oatmeal and buckwheat porridge.Useful vegetable

soups, seasoned with olive oil.

Prohibited products for the treatment of a diathesis using folk remedies




cow's milk;




river fish;




pickles and caviar.

not recommended to use honey and eggs.It is desirable to eliminate strawberries, persimmons, strawberries, grapes, currants, pineapple and plum.Bring to rashes on the skin may be the product of rye and wheat, beets and carrots, less potatoes.Do not cook rich broth, duck meat, beef, sausages, canned, smoked, sauce, carbonated beverages, do not drink alcohol.

Features of diathesis

Known to many diathesis really is not even a disease.This word, translated from Greek means a tendency to something, people belonging to a particular genotype predisposed to certain diseases and allergic reactions.Diathesis occurs in about 80% of children.The appearance of his symptoms do not always need to be considered as the beginning of the development of atypical dermatitis, which suffer no more than 10% of children.But it should be, of course, be attentive, especially in the case of a severe allergic heredity.

Remember that children in the first year of life reduced the protective function of the intestine.The risk increases when diathesis early transfer to artificial feeding the baby and the introduction of allergenic foods in the diet.If you find yourself with your baby redness and rash, be sure to consult a doctor.Because traditional medicine can not always give the correct diagnosis.