Hyperhidrosis Treatment folk remedies

Increased sweating quite a common disease in both men and women, which can cause a lot of unpleasant moments and well spoil your life.Particularly susceptible hyperhidrosis (it is the medical name for excessive sweating) overweight people.Doctors are advised to monitor for better personal hygiene and often take a shower.This is certainly true, but not always effectively.Therefore, a lot of knowledgeable people are known ways to treat excessive sweating of folk remedies.About them and will be written below.

Treatment of sweating folk remedies - tincture

  • When hyperhidrosis skin and diaper rash, after the detection of inflammatory processes, apply lotions of infusions of marshmallow root.The crushed roots of room temperature water is poured in the ratio of one to twenty, insisting one hour profiltrovuyut through cheesecloth.The resulting tincture moisten with several layers of cheesecloth, wring out and put on the inflamed area for no longer than ten minutes, repeat the procedure should be for 30-40
    minutes.Then the skin is dried and lightly powdered talc or baby powder.Such a method is found to be very effective in the treatment of excessive sweating.
  • You can also prepare the infusion of flowers.This way will give your skin a pleasant aroma, which would kill the smell of sweat.Take about six tablespoons false is pre-shredded flowers and plants to fill their two liters of hot water.Infuse this solution should be pricked hours.Adding to two tablespoons of baking soda (baking).This solution can be used as a solution which is necessary to regularly wipe the skin in the area where the heavy sweating.
  • All these recipes are very good at helping heavy sweat.But if you have high perspiration, you'll like another recipe: Wipe skin needs for a couple of times in twenty-four hours.To rub a good infusion of the herb horsetail mixed with vodka at a concentration of one to ten.Use as You can tincture of walnut with vodka.The concentration should also be one to ten.And if there is no vodka, it is better to take an alcohol at a concentration of one to five.Before you use this infusion of antiperspirant need to plant it in boiled water.Their attitude should be one to one, or a little more than one to two.Wipe the skin of the infusion, where the one or two times for fourteen days.
  • bad fit, and an infusion of sage.To prepare this infusion you will need three tablespoons of sage and two cups of boiling water.Ingredients you need it for an hour and strain.Use can be in the form of baths and lotions for hands and feet.If you have general sweating, then it is used in the training camp.

Broth based on folk remedies to treat hyperhidrosis

  • also recognized folk remedy for excessive sweating and skin chafing deservedly considered black elderberry flowers.It is necessary to boil the flowers in the milk of two - three minutes (use a ratio of one to ten).Then pour the milk and flower weight apply to problem areas for 20-30 minutes.
  • In a small glass of boiling water to brew a tablespoon of oak bark and add there is not a lot of juice.Moisten with this solution a cotton pad and wipe them trouble spots on the body.Wipe need a couple of times a day.If we add to the solution is not much juice from a lemon, you can immediately see all their beneficial properties.Since that reduce the secretion of sweat glands.One of the advantages can be called, is that the skin becomes a delicious and pleasant lemon scent.
  • When excessive sweating is to use the following broth.Take two tablespoons of herbs burnet drug, and fill it with boiled water.Allow broth to infuse for an hour.Then make compresses, lotions and bath.
  • You can also prepare the collection, which will include sage leaf (25 grams) and yarrow (25 grams).Take two tablespoons spoon collection and pour two cups of boiling water.After little part of infusions, you can make compresses, lotions and bath.
  • Also worth trying to get rid of sweating with the help of broth from snake mountaineer.To do this you will need a tablespoon of crushed roots that need to brew one liter of water.Drink half a cup several times a day.
  • Probably very few people suspected that get rid of sweating, you can use the leaves and rose hips.From these ingredients to prepare the broth, infused and take half a cup three times a day.
  • When excessive sweating is to take decoctions inside.For this collection is perfect for the following: 10 grams of rhizomes and roots of valerian, 50 grams of herb St. John's wort, 20 g linden flower, 20 grams of herb Melissa officinalis, 40 g of grass cudweed marsh, 10 grams of herb celandine, 10 g of flowers violet tricolor.You need to take two tablespoons of the collection and make 0.5 liters of boiling water.For ten minutes it simmer for an hour and to insist.Then strain and drink a third cup three times a day.

Baths with the addition of folk remedies for treatment of hyperhidrosis

  • If you do not know firsthand about the excessive sweating of the whole body, we recommend that you try to take a bath with the use of natural products, such as spruce or pine needles.Look, do not prick.You can also add to the water a little manganese.Also, for a long time at a hyperhidrosis use contrast baths.
  • To combat sweating legs do foot bath overnight using citric acid or boric acid, and thymol.

Treatment of sweating people's means - recommendations

  • If you are concerned about enhanced sweating in the armpits recommend to wipe the skin in problem areas one - two times a day using a tincture of birch buds on the vodka.
  • Dermatologists believe that the best folk remedy for sweat - the douche.It must be done regularly, more often - the better.
  • It is also very useful to use such means as preparations which contain phosphorus, calcium and a multivitamin.Very good sweat, of course extracts of sage and lemon balm.
  • always, people who have problems with excessive sweating is to always carry a stack of wet wipes.
  • Before you go for a something special you have to clean the skin with lemon juice.And you will be able to forget about the pesky circles armpits.
  • There are recipe with regular toothpaste, which will help get rid of the smell of sweat.Pasta should be lubricated armpits overnight.Pasta is harmless and can be well tolerated even for people with high sensitivity.
  • Also you can do in rubbing sweaty skin.To do this, you need to dilute the vinegar with water in a ratio of 1/3 vinegar and 2/3 part water.
  • Well-known green and black teas can help with excessive sweating.This tool is used for baths, compresses, washing problematic area of ​​the body.Inexpensive and effective, so that's definitely worth a try.