Lactostasis treatment of folk remedies

lactostasis called milk, which stagnates in the chest, namely when several milk ducts become clogged and the milk is difficult to pass them out.Breast disease that becomes solid in nature, can also be a manifestation of an elevated body temperature.lactostasis Treatment can be performed folk remedies.

lactostasis treatment of folk remedies - cabbage

for the relief of pain in the chest is necessary to apply a cabbage leaf.It also helps to effectively reduce the body temperature.How to use the cabbage leaf right?Cabbage leaf taken, thoroughly washed by water, then by using a pair of knife cuts is performed, so that a cabbage juice started to perform.Then cut the sheet is applied to the affected area, possibly under the bra.Change cabbage leaf recommend no more than every three hours.

lactostasis Treatment folk remedies - compresses and masks


Creating a honey mask for the treatment of flour lactostasis.The proportions of 1: 1 flour mixed with honey.Then you need to thoroughly and evenly spre

ad with a mask on the mammary gland.Then wrap with cellophane and on top you can use a towel or a thick scarf.The mask is applied for 20 minutes.After it is necessary to immediately express milk from the breast.


effective traditional treatments lactostasis a compress.Thick matter, such as dense towel moistened with a mixture of oil, vodka and camphor.In this case, you must also not forget the ratio of 1: 1.The wrap should be covered with plastic, a top with a towel and leave for 20 minutes.After the procedure is immediately followed by express milk from the breast.


Potato compress.Take a small amount of potatoes in 2 pieces.Clean, and then rub on a grater.Cooked weight, put it in a bandage.Thereafter, the resulting tool can be applied to the chest.

Broth from folk remedy - chamomile, for treating lactostasis

through practical methods are popular and broths.The most commonly used when lactostasis a decoction of chamomile.Two spoonfuls of crushed dry advance chamomile brewed in boiling water 200 grams.The broth should be defended at least one hour.Then, taking a light fabric that perfectly absorbs the liquid, you must first moisten in broth, and then immediately attach it to the breast, at least 20 minutes.The compress should be repeated 3 times a day.