hay fever treatment folk remedies

One of the most common types of allergy is hay fever.This seasonally disease, the cause of which is the allergic reaction to pollen.For centuries, people have come up with lots of ways to treat hay fever with simple folk remedies, which will be described below.Suitable them or not, you can learn by reading the article and try to imagine the methods listed below.

treatment of hay fever folk remedies - salt

has long been recognized as a folk remedy that can help with hay fever, is called (who would have thought) common salt, which is available every housewife.It is necessary to filter and boil a glass of water and dissolve in it a teaspoon of salt, then drip so here's a simple remedy nose (the pair drops to each nostril).Repeat this process about five times a day, and you can feel a noticeable relief during breathing.The above solution of the salt may also come and nasal lavage.

juices of folk remedies for treating hay fever


also a good tool in the treatment of hay fever all kinds of folk r

emedies are juices from fruits and vegetables.Take a fresh celery root and squeeze the juice out of it, which then drink three receiving a pair of teaspoons.You can also make a mixture of carrot juice (3-5 pieces), apples (2 pieces), use cauliflower (2 medium inflorescence) and parsley (1 bunch).Such useful and rich in vitamins mix drink three times a day, half an hour before meals.


also known medicinal properties and has the juice of onion.Four onions must be cleaned, then cut it in half and put in a liter of cold water, leave for the night.A day healing drink, drink a few techniques.

treatment of hay fever folk remedies - tincture

Here is another medical prescription with hay fever.Insist in a well-known alcohol pyatidesyatiprotsentnoy celandine (steam table. Spoons).After seven days of infusions and he will be ready for use, after which it must drain and squeeze out the raw materials.Then five drops of moisture, spread with the help of a tablespoon of cold boiled water and drink.The day should be done about four receptions.Or can for seven days to push fresh blossoms of echinacea in a glass of vodka.Then infusion of strain and drink, pre-diluted in boiling water (100 ml) for twenty to twenty-five drops of tincture.