Ringworm in humans - Treatment and Symptoms

Ringworm in humans - one of the best-known human diseases of the skin.Symptoms of depriving dependent on the variety, the reason for its development remains unknown.Treatment of depriving a person held medication and using folk remedies.

Color versicolor - treatment and symptoms in humans

Symptoms of depriving a person of color

Color zoster manifests these symptoms: skin, stunned by them has a different pigmentation than healthy, it is often small patches painted in a lighter shade.Colored lichen is not transmitted from person to person and is called ringworm only due to the fact that the spots sometimes shelled.

Color zoster treatment of folk remedies - recommendations


first advice when symptoms colored lichen - is more time in the sun and tanning, as it occurs, for the most part, from a lack of sunlight colors, ie vitamin D.


Excellent help in the treatment of depriving a person and celandine, as evidenced by its name.So, prepare the following solution: take 50 grams of celandin

e and his brew cup of boiling water, let it brew for a few hours.Then, this solution was applied on the affected place several times a day.At the same time, and treat the area around the spot where the floor centimeters from the beginning of the spot.It soon will return your skin to its former appearance.

Treatment of colored lichen symptoms using baths with folk remedies

Take in equal proportions for treating symptoms such as the herb St. John's wort, nettle, burdock and celandine.Brew their rate of 50 grams of mixture per liter of water.It is necessary to regularly take the bath out of the broth and your skin will be healthy forever.Before you fill the bath calculate the approximate consumption of broth, because it needs to be diluted with water for no more than 90%, ie for every 10 liters of water per liter of broth you will need.These baths are recommended to take once every two weeks, particularly for people with chronic skin diseases such as psoriasis or lichen.

ointment based on folk remedies to treat the symptoms of colored depriving a person

excellent help from any kind of symptoms of depriving a person and Sandthorn ointment, which can be easily prepared at home, to do this, take 100 grams of fruit and Peremel them into mush, then add an equal amount of olive oil and let stand for several days in a cool place.After that, apply on the affected areas of skin 2 times a day.

Red versicolor - treatment and symptoms

planus symptoms in humans

is characterized by symptoms of lichen planus: mauve shiny spots on the skin directly.The most common place for their formation is the inner surface of the wrist.Also, lichen planus can present as lacy plaque symptoms directly to the oral mucosa.In such cases, the disease is asymptomatic.There are many recipes for the treatment of zoster.For every human characteristic individual response to different treatments, which can often be quite unpredictable.

Red zoster treatment in humans folk remedies - recipes for lotions and ointments


fresh milk be mixed with ash oak bark.The resulting mixture is recommended to spread a sore spot for the treatment of ringworm.


effective to treat the symptoms of zoster is an ointment that is made from calendula, hops and burdock.Prepare a decoction of 20 grams of hops added to it about 10 grams of burdock root and marigold flowers.Then take one of the broth, add to it two pieces of lamb (in some cases - pork) fat.Also, instead of fat can add Vaseline.The resulting ointment is applied layer to affected areas of ringworm.Repeat the treatment procedure should be several times a day.


Take Saponaria officinalis, it is important to use it when it is in bloom.It creates an infusion of roots and leaves of plants.According to two tablespoons take necessary after 3-4 times a day for the treatment of eating lichen.


The most common treatment of red lichen folk remedies begins with cooking tools, which is based on the church incense.At the same amounts necessary to mix aloe juice, crushed garlic and frankincense, then add the egg yolk, and the mixture is whipped with a fork.This tool is used for topical treatment.Store the prepared agent must be in a cool place, and before use to treat symptoms depriving it must shake.

products used to treat the symptoms of red lichen


effective tool in the treatment of lichen planus is a raisin.Raisin is recommended to soak and then grind it, then carefully rubbed the place of occurrence of lichen.


also in the treatment of the symptoms of lichen planus in humans is proposed to use the juice produced by squeezing viburnum.Instead viburnum can be used cranberry juice.This type of medication is recommended to use as a compress.


also used and undiluted apple cider vinegar.It is applied to the affected area for ten minutes.The day should be carried out four - six treatments to get rid of the symptoms of zoster.If you did not find apple cider vinegar, then you can use cranberry juice or viburnum.


Sea buckthorn oil at least an important tool in the treatment of red lichen.It is used for lotions with symptoms of zoster.To do this takes a small piece of gauze moistened in oil and applied to the affected skin.Keep this lotion must be at least half an hour, and a maximum of an hour.It depends on the degree of disease.Also, sea buckthorn oil can be consumed inside.In the morning on an empty stomach you should take half a teaspoon.


from disease and helps grated beets.She is necessary to wrap the injured area.Once the mixture is dry, it is necessary to put a new one.Such procedures should be repeated as long as the patient is not cured.

Baths using folk remedies for treatment of red lichen and its symptoms

effective treatment is the use of stripping baths and lotions.They are created on the basis of mullein flowers.It is important to supplement this method of treating the symptoms of denying the use of a decoction of the bark of bird cherry or directly celandine herbs.Used this method of treatment outdoor use.

Pityriasis versicolor - Symptoms and Treatment

symptoms of tinea versicolor

Pityriasis versicolor manifests symptoms on the skin as a multi-colored irregular-shaped spots: from light brown to brown shades.These spots are like rules, shelled, are irregular in shape.Symptoms usually begin with depriving a small dark spot.It is not inflamed and causes virtually no discomfort than aesthetic.Over time and under the influence of special factors spots proliferate, with a few small spots could reach both to each other over time merge into one large.Occurrence of this symptom - a back, neck and chest.Hands and feet are also prone to staining, however, this happens already at advanced stages.

Features of development of the symptoms of tinea versicolor

Pityriasis versicolor - the disease is not contagious.At least, it is to be made.In rare cases, symptoms of lichen can be transmitted from person to person.However, there is likely triggered the individual exposure of human skin diseases, than the high level of infectiousness of the disease.The causative agent of tinea versicolor is a yeast-like fungi.But the causes of the disease symptoms can be anything: diseases (tuberculosis, diabetes, dystonia, etc.), characteristics of the organism (excessive sweating, predisposition to skin diseases), etc.

Treatment of tinea versicolor folk remedies - recipes

Because the disease can last for years, courses of treatment of this type of stripping must be repeated, even after seemingly getting rid of the disease.There are many tools for the treatment of tinea versicolor.


One of the most effective treatments - a tincture of calendula.Flowers of Marigold is to infuse for two hours: one tablespoon of raw materials for one cup of hot water.


Another effective remedy for the symptoms of zoster is onion juice.Lishaynyh areas should be cleaned 2-3 times a day, strained juice of onion.


In the struggle with the symptoms of tinea versicolor will also help the infusion of hypericum.should pour two cups of boiling water To prepare three tablespoons hypericum and insist approximately 1.5 hours.This means you should wipe the spots 3-4 times a day.

Pink Ringworm - Symptoms, Treatment

Symptoms of pink lichen

Visible symptoms appear later - in the beginning of the disease ringworm is a round spot the size of a small pale pink color with rounded edges and heavily pronounced indentation in the middle.A fairly short period of time characteristic stain starts to grow coarse, flaking symptoms appear, but the color does not make any visible change.Localization loses a specific location, and the number of spots is significantly increased, spreading to the whole body.Basically, the disease runs its own within months.To forget about the illness will cure depriving a person of folk remedies.

Treatment folk remedies pink lichen - recipes


to forget about herpes will help such a simple method of treatment: it is necessary to cook the usual buckwheat, and a decoction of it to wipe the damaged areas.


healing ointment against depriving will have its positive effect.A method for preparing an ointment for the treatment of the symptoms of zoster is simple: mix birch tar and butter, and the resulting composition thoroughly lubricate the skin.


Just five days will help to forget about the pink lichen normal yeast dough, which must be applied to the affected skin.


Helps to effectively get rid of the discomfort caused by the symptoms of lichen, rubbing the skin ordinary apple cider vinegar.The procedure should be carried out more than three times a day.In the same way, you can use by changing the vinegar on St. John's wort oil or rose hips, will have a beneficial effect and peach kernel oil.


Decoction of beets with the addition of a limited amount of honey will also help to forget about the pink lichen, if done wiping.


Popularly known, but no less effective is the method of treating the symptoms of lichen, where the need unusual ingredient - the newspaper.It needs to be set on fire, and the ashes of applying stain.

Folk remedy - celandine, for the treatment of pink lichen

celandine - one of the most common and popular medicines, will have its healing properties and lichen.You can use its juice or infusion, lubricating necessary skin with symptoms of zoster.

Herpes Zoster - Treatment, Symptoms

Symptoms of shingles

Shingles is a viral infection that manifests symptoms of skin rash and unpleasant pain, causing acute discomfort.After a few days on the skin, where it hurts, there is a strong reddening, then blisters appear with a clear liquid, which then becomes turbid.Depending on the severity of the disease pain can continue even when the rash will heal all.

Treatment of shingles

Since the cause of the disease is a virus, treatment should begin with denying receiving antivirals, "Zovirax", "Acyclovir", "Sfamtsiklovira".To maintain and strengthen the immune system, take 200 mg of vitamin "C" at least 5-6 times a day.As the virus enters the nerve ganglia, a cluster of nerve cells, affecting the spinal or cranial nerves, add in the daily diet complex vitamins, in order that they would restore or rebuild.

For removal effect in the treatment of pain can be taken, following dosage "diclofenac" "ketorol" "analgin" as well as colloidal silver, it has an antibacterial and antiviral activity.

Folk remedies for the treatment of herpes zoster

  • take a towel or tissue, dip into the icy water, then wring out and apply to the affected area of ​​skin blisters.Avoid any heating of the skin, the heat will only intensify irritation.The colder the towel, the weaker will become the pain;
  • enter the bathroom with cool water, throw in a handful of starch or colloidal oatmeal solution.Immerse yourself in the resulting solution for about twenty minutes.This will help for a while to remove irritation and pain in treating the symptoms of zoster.
  • To prevent infection, blisters lubricate hydrogen peroxide.Peroxide does not regret, it abundantly rinse all affected areas.You can burn a simple green paint.Dry spoke bubbles can be simple folk remedy: hot fried onions.Take a small onion, cut off the tip, stumble on a fork and hold over the fire until it begins to fry.Then cool the bulb to a pleasant temperature of the body and attach to the sore spot.The procedure is repeated until the desired result and full recovery from zoster.

Colorful lichen - Symptoms and Treatment Symptoms

multi-colored lichen

colorful versicolor is a type of fungus damaging the horny layer of the epidermis, ie, skin, without inflammation.This lichen is not considered contagious.Propagated by means excess sweating, against the backdrop of a weakened immune system.It starts with symptoms of small spots and grows to large lesions.

Treatment of multi-colored lichen

  • To protect affected areas from UV and sunlight.
  • further for the treatment of multi-colored lichen, use products with exfoliating effect of the horny layer of the epidermis.To do this, you can lubricate the spot depriving alcohol tincture of iodine or alcohol rizortsinovannym.To conduct this procedure should be 12 days.If necessary, repeat the treatment after a week.
  • To cleanse the affected skin areas can also be used nitrofungina solution.It will help to cope with ringworm week.
  • Garlic alcohol is highly effective against multi-colored lichen.To make it, you need to take equal parts of garlic juice, 90% medical-grade alcohol and distilled water.Mix this solution and lubricate the affected skin lichen, 3 times a day for a week.
  • tincture of propolis also has a positive effect in the treatment of multi-colored lichen.For its preparation you need to take 30 grams of propolis, cooled beforehand in a freezer, for the most light grinding, and fill it with 100 ml of 90% rubbing alcohol.Infuse for 20 days in a dark place, then strain.Lubricate areas with ringworm 3 times a day for a week.
  • Just for the treatment of the skin affected by ringworm, you can use the carrot-acetic mixture.To do this, take a 1st Class spoonful of fresh carrot juice and a spoonful of essence acetic 1st Class.Mix ingredients and lubricate the place stripping twice a day.
  • At the same time, along with treatment, you need to eat daily, 2-4 cloves of garlic, which would strengthen the immune system that is weakened, as evidenced by the appearance of symptoms of zoster.

order that would never come back to the issue of the treatment of multi-colored lichen, it is recommended in the spring for one month, wipe the skin with a solution of 2% salicylic alcohol.And also to take all measures for the treatment of excessive sweating and observe the usual health regulations.