Polyneuropathy treatment of folk remedies

Polyneuropathy - it is a complex disease of the peripheral nervous system.polyneuropathy Treatment with folk remedies takes a lot of time.With the help of various traditional medicines can be of sufficient quality to complement the treatment, qualitatively improve the metabolic processes in the nerve fibers and remove toxins from the body.But the basic treatment of this disease is precisely the fight against the disease, because of which the offense occurred in the nervous system.

Polinyropatiya treatment of folk remedies - teas, drinks


Cocktail, in order to cure alcoholic polyneuropathy.In order to prepare this cocktail need egg yolks, 100 ml of carrot juice (fresh), two tablespoons of olive oil and two teaspoons of honey.Oil and egg yolk and whisk you need to connect with carrot juice, then add honey.This cocktail must be taken before a meal, and two hours for two times of the day.


Laurel water with fenugreek for the prevention of neuropathy (diabetic).It is necessary to brew a thermos

liter boiling water, then add a tablespoon to a bay leaf that before this it is necessary to grind, and three tablespoons of fenugreek seeds.All you need to insist for two hours, then drain.This infusion should be taken throughout the day in order to quench their thirst.


For the treatment of upper and lower limbs suitable sealer with ginger oil.To cook it you need to loosely fill a half-liter jar of fresh chopped herb St. John's wort, pour it warm vegetable oil and infuse it in a dark place 20 days.Then strain the finished oil, add a tablespoon of dry ginger powder (it can be easily found in the seasoning department) and apply this medicine to massage and body wraps twice a day.

Tincture of folk remedies for treating polyneuropathy

tincture of vinegar with polyneuropathy of the lower extremities.For this recipe should be half cup of rosemary (chopped) to connect a half lira vinegar (9%), then close tightly and infuse for ten days.A tablespoon of this infusion should be diluted with a tablespoon of water in a day three times a tincture to rub his feet.

products for home treatment polyneuropathy folk remedies


The following recipe will help detoxify and saturate the fiber with vitamins.300 mils of yogurt, two tablespoons peeled sunflower seeds and half a cup of fresh chopped parsley mix, pre-pound seeds with parsley in a mortar.Composition taken daily, drink it must be an empty stomach, 40 minutes before breakfast.


oregano leaves to dry and grind into a powder.Connect it in equal proportions with ground cinnamon.This powder was mixed with an equal amount of honey and take teaspoon three times a day with warm water.The course of treatment is 40 days.

The causes of polyneuropathy

It can be caused by diabetes, alcoholism, poisoning by chemicals, an overdose of drugs, cancer, metabolic disorders.

Prevention polyneuropathy

polyneuropathy Treatment folk remedies can be avoided if in time to carry out preventive maintenance.Prevention of polyneuropathy is not complicated, it is that you need time to remove toxins in infectious diseases or poisoning.If you work with toxic substances, it is necessary to use various means to protect themselves.It is desirable to eliminate psychotropic substances and alcohol from your diet.And be sure to eat should be fully and regularly load all parts of the body.