spinal hernia treatment folk remedies

spinal hernia is called a herniated disc, which is a fiber-cartilaginous plate.Treatment of spinal herniation using folk remedies can be started only after the passage of X-rays or imaging of the spine, to avoid errors in diagnosis.Surgical treatment is given in the case, a violation of the internal organs and in the case of total or partial paralysis of the limbs.

Treatment of spinal herniation folk remedies - oil massage oil

of cinquefoil If a patient is undergoing a therapeutic massage, after each session of massage treatments is recommended to rub the back of cinquefoil tincture.Also, the tincture can be taken orally and should be one tablespoon three times a day.Before the massage as it would be nice to make a rubbing of the back using comfrey oil, St. John's wort or birch leaves.Funds need to periodically replace each other.

Oil of St. John's Wort Oil of St. John's wort is very simple to prepare.Here is his recipe: take St. John's wort, which was assembled just that, and fill them half a qua

rt jar.After that, the bank add oil.On the bank must be removed fourteen days in a dark place, so that the oil can brew.After fourteen days in the dark, you need to drain the oil.Finally, it must acquire a pronounced red color.

oil of birch leaves To prepare the oil of birch leaves is used this recipe.Leaves for this oil to collect mandatory in June.They need to fill the three-liter jar.Before this, they need a little dry for two to three hours, and then leaves the bank need to add one liter of refined corn oil.After all these preparations, the bank put up for a week in a place that is well illuminated by the sun.After seven days, the bank in two weeks rearrange in a dark place.During these two weeks, the bank needs to shake daily.Before using the oil should be filtered with a few layers of gauze, which will delay a full sediment.

tinctures based on folk remedies to treat a hernia spine

  • Preparation of tinctures, which must be rubbed into the spine.For the preparation of infusions you need: 100 grams of the roots of elecampane, 100 grams of sweet clover (grass), 100 grams of the roots cinquefoil, 150 grams steppe hemlock (seed), 40% alcohol, 3-liter jar.Preparation: Mix all ingredients in a 3-liter jar.Let it brew for twenty-one days.
  • Infusion of willow ordinary (meadow chamomile) helps during attacks in the disease.To cook it you need a tablespoon of chamomile flowers pour a glass of boiling water and let stand, then strain four hours.Take five times a day for two tablespoons of half an hour before meals.
  • and will help the infusion of promolnika nitievidnogo, which is used for different types of hernias and heart disease.To cook it, take two tablespoons promolnika and fill them half-liter of boiling water.Infuse for two hours.Take half a cup four times a day for half an hour before meals.

Treatment of spinal herniation folk remedies using ointments

Ointment has a similar method of preparation as well as tincture.The main difference is that the grass roots and need to use anti-inflammatory and anti-tumor.Use the following herbs: series, hemlock, yarrow, celandine, clover, marigold, lemon balm, kirkazon, mugwort, wormwood.You must use the roots of such plants: marshmallow, arnica, cinquefoil, turnip, dandelion, burdock.Ointments which are based oleoresin help for many diseases.In order to enhance its medicinal properties needs to be mixed with phytochemicals which have a great number of medicinal properties.

These ointments are great bathing in the bathroom.Using them requires about thirty minutes at least three times a week.Importantly, when acceptance baths ointment on your body positively influences the water temperature, whereby the body is heated and curative properties of the ointment.When taking baths ointment gets into the body more active.

packs based on folk remedies to treat a hernia spine

  • usual red clay is used to treat all types of hernias, so take a small piece of clay and mash it with water, then the resulting mass is wrapped with gauze or a bandage that would avoid crumbling andimposed on a hernia for the night.it is best to fix her a small piece of adhesive tape.
  • help with vertebral hernia and horseradish root.Grind 1 kilo of plant roots and mix with butter 1:10 put in a water bath and keep there for about an hour, then another warm arrogance lay track along the spine, after 30 minutes of the procedure get dressed in warm clothes, and fold back the mixture into a container beforenext day.
  • well proven for this purpose and garlic alcohol compress.To cook it, miss 300 grams of garlic through a meat grinder, the resulting slurry pour a glass of vodka.Infuse the mixture in a sealed container in a dark place for 10 days.You can then start the procedure itself: to put the infusion on a cloth and apply to the affected area for an hour, covered with plastic wrap on top.Drench your skin can not be after removing the compress, you should wipe it with a napkin.Do no more than a day.

Apitherapy in the treatment of spinal hernia

Action apitherapy carried out due to the fact that the sting is introduced into the biologically active points.Thus, the technique is similar to the use of acupuncture.Bee venom has a warming effect.As a result, it eliminates the functional unit of the vertebrae due to the removal of spasm of the muscles of vertebrates.Bee toxin is a potent anti-inflammatory agent, thus relieving pain and improve joint mobility.It is worth mentioning tonic effect apitoxin: stimulating the nervous system, it improves blood circulation, improves the elasticity of the intervertebral cartilage.It is important that the effect of apitherapy is very resistant and durable.

causes of spinal hernia

When weight lifting and other physical activities, the greatest burden falls on the lumbar spine, discs act as shock absorbers, they maintain the desired distance between the vertebrae.When simultaneous tilt and rotate to the side, the vertebrae press on one side of the disk due to which the core is displaced in the opposite direction resulting in pressure on the annulus.When the annulus can not cope with this load, there is a bulging disc or herniated.