Treatment of periodontal disease folk remedies

Periodontal disease is one of the most common diseases of the oral cavity.The disease no one is safe, therefore it is necessary to know how to treat periodontal disease folk remedies, we present to your attention a few popular recipes.

Treatment of periodontitis folk remedies - that is necessary?

  • horseradish;
  • aloe;
  • sea salt;
  • garlic, black tea;
  • propolis extract.

Treatment of periodontal disease with herbs - folk remedies, teas, tinctures


tincture of ginseng root has a very wide range of properties, which has long been used by man in his needs, so that the tincture of ginseng root helps with periodontitis,if it take twenty drops three times daily before meals.It relieves inflammation and normalizes the inflow and circulation.


very well help with periodontitis and tinctures from the roots of Rhodiola rosea, they should take 5 to 10 drops in 15 minutes before a meal.


tincture of Aralia Manchu has the same properties as ginseng root, but unlike him, are contraindicated in easi

ly excitable nervous system.


onion seeds.You will need: one teaspoon of onion seeds.half a liter of hot water.Preparation Pour the seeds in a convenient container, then top up to one liter of water, wrap up warm cloth, let stand for one day, after the strain.Thus infusion need to rinse your mouth three times a day.


When periodontal disease very effectively showed himself a decoction of the leaves of celandine.A spoonful of dried leaves pour 1 liter of boiling water and insist 5 minutes, then cooled and 1st.a spoonful of honey.Caress the mouth 2 times a day.After 30 minutes after the procedure is recommended to thoroughly rinse your mouth with water and a little lemon juice, it will prevent staining of the teeth.


Fir oil.You will need: a cotton swab, fir oil.Preparation: soak a cotton swab well in the fir oil, and then attach to the tooth or the disturbing to the gum, which probably inflamed.Applying such a tampon need -pyatnadtsat ten minutes.If you are worried about a toothache, then this procedure can be repeated after one and a half to two hours.


extract of propolis.This method consists in rinsing the mouth with an aqueous solution of propolis extract.It should be noted that the extract of propolis is better to take ten percent.Dilute it in the following ratio: one cup of water add twenty drops of the extract.Rinse your mouth at least three times a day.

Periodontal treatment of folk remedies, products at home


infusion of tea and garlic.You will need: one teaspoon of tea (dry), and one teaspoon of pre-minced garlic, one cup of boiling water.Preparation: the original crush garlic, then mix with garlic tea, then this mixture should pour one cup of boiling water.Capacity in which the cook infusion tightly.Let stand for twenty minutes, after - filter.The infusion is ready.They need to rinse your mouth for ten minutes.Remember, to rinse the mouth with this solution the teeth should be thoroughly cleaned.Course - for two weeks.


One well-known and useful folk remedies for treatment of periodontal disease is a tincture of horseradish.To make it, chop one big hell, put it in a jar and pour the boiling water completely.Once the water has cooled, the infusion is ready for use.Of the mouth need to rinse several times a day, prepare the broth.You can even swallow the liquid after the procedure, because in addition to the bactericidal action, it perfectly cleanses the blood vessels.


potato juice.You will need potatoes, blender or grater.Preparation: pre-clean the potatoes, and then grate it on a grater or chop in a blender.Take the gauze, folded it in several layers, put crushed potato and squeeze the juice into a glass or other container handy for you.Drink the juice.Half a cup once a day.After drinking, rinse your mouth.Remember, potato juice destroys tooth enamel, after its use, be sure to rinse your mouth.

Recommendations healers for the treatment of periodontal disease with the help of folk remedies


Liquid Eleutherococcus extract has soothing and tonic effect, so with periodontitis should be taken 20-30 drops 2 times a day before meals.


Prepare such folk remedies like aloe leaf and take it along the incision, and then attach to the sick gums all night.For good results it is recommended to repeat this procedure at least seven times.This is the most reliable and affordable way to treat the disease.


One teaspoon of sea salt dissolve in a glass of warm water.After each meal moisten the toothbrush in the prepared solution, and a nice clean teeth and gums.Regular carrying out such procedures will improve the skin condition of the gums and strengthen them, and all the pathogenic microbes are destroyed.Saline stops bleeding and removes the pain.

Causes of periodontal disease

Malnutrition.The lack of fresh fruits and vegetables (C and P vitamins), overload while chewing on the remaining teeth after removal patients tartar.All this leads to inflammation of the periodontal tissues, in breach of the nerves and vessels of the periodontal.

Symptoms of periodontal disease

Originally, itching, burning and throbbing in the gums, then begin to swell gums, tooth roots are exposed, the teeth become loose and fall out.

Prevention of periodontal disease

As stated above, to treat periodontal disease is difficult, but nevertheless, if to take preventive measures in good faith and on a regular basis, you can save your gums and teeth healthy.Preventive measures include the following: carry out oral hygiene, eliminate smoking, follow a special diet, which includes (vitamins and minerals and is excluded sweet) and eat food massaging the gums (such as carrots, apples, etc.).

use of folk remedies in the treatment of periodontal disease can help you ease the pain, but in order to properly treat periodontal disease need to see a dentist to determine the exact diagnosis and the development of treatment strategies.After consulting with the doctor, you can manually treated folk remedies.If you just do not want to see a specialist and you want to try to imagine the miraculous power of the nature of the treatment of periodontal disease folk remedies that is exactly what you are looking for.After all, nature surrounded us the whole pantry of various plants, almost all of which has some or other useful properties of man.On this planet is interconnected and comparable, so that if there is disease, there appear and medicine.