Molluscum contagiosum treatment of folk remedies

Molluscum contagiosum - a so-called viral disease, which is also called ortopoks virus.The disease is characterized by symptoms of nodules in the mucous membranes and the skin of the central recess.

molluscum contagiosum treatment of folk remedies - recipes


good tool in the treatment of molluscum contagiosum is a broth-a succession of grass.In two tablespoons herbs add about one cup of boiling water.Obtain funds necessary to bring to a boil.Off, to give a folk remedy for about one hour to infuse.The resulting infusion is necessary to carefully wipe the affected area at least three times a day.


Calendula ointment is also, of course, is essential in this disease.The affected skin should be lubricated with ointment, and possibly burning alcohol tincture of calendula.


We all known bird cherry has a productive effect on Molluscum Contagiosum.It is necessary to squeeze out juice of the leaves of this plant, and then the jar should be tightly cover and put in the fridge immediately.By rem

oving molluscum contagiosum nodules should be carefully lubricate the skin to receive the juice.This allows you to quickly get the expected result - the wound will soon heal.


Another effective drug will consist of the following ingredients: three tablespoons pine buds, birch, eucalyptus leaf, juniper berries, yarrow.All these ingredients are well mixed, then one tablespoon of the mixture pour dvustami milliliters of boiling water.Keep the resulting broth should not be less than 60 minutes.Then it must pass through a sieve.It is used a decoction for 10 days about 100 ml in the morning and evening.You can also receive the infusion process in the molluscum contagiosum rash.

Folk remedy - garlic, for the treatment of molluscum contagiosum

effective drugs will be the garlic with the disease.He pounded into mush, and then add one teaspoon of fresh butter.All thoroughly mixed.The resulting ointment is necessary to lubricate the nodules at least 3 times a day

Symptoms of molluscum contagiosum

The disease mollusc found in both children and adults.Most often, the disease manifests itself in children who have reached school age.The cause of the disease lies in kontagioznogomollyuska virus, which is transmitted only by a man, so from animals infected with the disease can not be.Infection with this virus occurs domestic and sexual ways.Particularly well the virus spreads in places where a lot of children and use common utensils, toys and so on.This kindergartens and public organizations, and swimming pools, and much more.

symptoms of molluscum contagiosum

molluscs The first symptoms of the disease usually appear after about two weeks after infection and the onset of the disease.In the beginning, the whole skin is covered completely painless rash, which looks like a dense knots of pale pink color or colors like normal skin.The size of these vesicles to one to three millimeters.In the center of the nodule is impression having pupkoobraznym shape with a small hole.If the pin bundle from both sides will begin to stand out with tweezers mushy, similar to cottage cheese mass.Initially these may be uzelochki poodinochnymi, but then merge with new rashes, they have formed larger papules, which can reach up to one and a half centimeters in diameter.Eruptions can be located in any part of the body other than the feet and hands.Adults usually tormented by the presence of such a rash in the area of ​​the thighs and genitals, and in children it appears on any part of the body - neck, hands, face, trunk, and so on.

molluscum contagiosum can occur in both children and adults.Basically infected with this disease occurs through everyday.The most effective folk remedies for this disease are creams and ointments that can be easily made at home.