Baker's cysts treatment of folk remedies

Baker's cyst - a knee joint disease, manifesting itself in the popliteal fossa.cyst formation and development for a long time may not be visible, and the symptoms are manifested quite sharply.Folk remedies can effectively supplement the method of treatment prescribed by a doctor.Improving the condition of cartilage and removal of chronic inflammation will promote the use of herbs in the treatment.

Baker cyst treatment of folk remedies - recipes


Golden mustache - survival craft folk meditsiny.Nastoyku 40-50 grams of golden whiskers is necessary to insist on the vodka for three weeks.The solution was applied to the site affected by the disease.Above solution is necessary to place a plastic bag and wrap the leg warm downy shawl.


Effective propolis placed before bedtime under the knee joint, with heat preservation in the leg.Valves beans used as diuretic teas are a useful tool in the treatment of Baker's cyst.They allow you to get rid of excess fluid in the body and improve metabolism.


celandine and burdock - two miraculous folk remedy used in the treatment of Baker's cyst.Compress of finely chopped leaves of the plant applied to the sore area of ​​the knee joint.

Folk remedies treat Baker's cysts on prescription medicine men


recommended for pain relief applications with fresh urine, compresses also help with propolis tincture alcohol.Effective geranium and marigold ointment.Geranium (leaves) are cut or scrolled through a meat grinder, and then pulverized with lard.The mixture is applied to the afflicted area for 2-3 hours.


Cabbage leaf is also very effective in this disease.From it also made tincture, a method of preparing a quite place prost.Bolnoe knee smeared with honey, meanwhile cabbage leaves placed in boiling water, then the cabbage leaf is applied on a greased honey plot, all carefully tape up.Week and a half, and the cyst is gone.Cabbage leaf miraculous and help make treatment without surgery.

Baker cyst Prevention

Measures for prevention should be mainly directed to the treatment of priority diseases popliteal joint.You must carefully follow all recommendations of Orthopaedic Trauma.Appropriate health and age, the load is suitable for children.It is also helpful to use special dressings, fixatives for injuries of the knee joint.