Could it be the joy of the lessons of the SET program?

Jane Comment: When I started to go to the doctors, it was soon realized: they do not have answers to my questions.Then I have tried many other methods of healing, something for yourself found, but little progress is still not achieved.As soon as I started to KIT program, then immediately began to recover and feel better and better.I began with a skilled relaxation, and then added a whole strict diet and exercise.During the first three years, I have felt a slow but steady improvement in health.I am convinced that such a change in my same condition would have been impossible if not for the simultaneous combination of all three aspects of the program.

Could it be the joy of the lessons of the program KIT?

I found that absolutely all aspects of my life changed for the better.One of the most remarkable examples - the weakening of my hypersensitivity to noise (because before I could not even afford to dine at the restaurant, because it could not stand the noise).Another example - I was much more pleasan

t to be in society, because I felt much more relaxed and full of energy at the same time.What a joy - finally shake off the fatigue and get rid of the bad state of health!

Now, after three years of employment KIT, I am happy to see that my health continues to improve.I am committed to practicing KIT until the end of his days, and I'm interested to see how changing my approach to different aspects of the program.For example, by trial and error I found out that the best time to practice KR - after a meal, as the relaxation improves digestion (with leaky gut finished forever!).In addition, I began to practice, and other healing methods.Now I know exactly what they would hardly have helped me, if before that for several years I have not practiced KIT.

Another reward for all my efforts on the development of this program was that by teaching KIT their clients, friends and family, I was able to watch the people around me become healthier and happier.This is a real radost- give such a huge blessing to others.