Phenylephrine hydrochloride instructions for use |Phenylephrine hydrochloride indications for use

Therapeutic Phenylephrine hydrochloride - Alpha-adrenoceptor agonists, decongestant.Names of preparations - Nazol-Baby.

Phenylephrine hydrochloride - instructions for use

Doses and frequency of use of phenylephrine hydrochloride Children up to 6 years - 1-3 drops of 0.125% solution in each nostril every 4 hours

The onset of action of phenylephrinehydrochloride Fast

Duration phenylephrine hydrochloride 30 minutes to 4:00

If reception phenylephrine hydrochloride skipped drip drops as soon as you remember them.If it is not long before the time for your next dose, skip the previous and return to the normal pattern.Do not double the next dose

Stopping phenylephrine hydrochloride Do not use the medicine for more than 3 days without consulting a doctor.

phenylephrine hydrochloride special instructions should drink plenty of fluids.

Indications phenylephrine hydrochloride

To get rid of nasal congestion caused by allergies, colds, or inflammation of the paranasal sinuse

s and related ear infections.

Medicinal properties of phenylephrine hydrochloride

Phenylephrine constricts blood vessels and reduces blood flow to the swollen nasal passages, reducing nasal discharge and restore the possibility of normal respiration.

Side effects of phenylephrine hydrochloride and contraindications

Phenylephrine Hydrochloride - Contraindications Hypersensitivity, hyperthyroidism, hepatic porphyria, congenital deficiency of glucose-6-phosphate dehydrogenase, the age of 1 year.

Restrictions during pregnancy and lactation is possible to use, if the expected benefit outweighs the potential risk to the fetus and infant

Side effects of phenylephrine hydrochloride Serious adverse reactions were not observed.There are burning, dryness or tingling in the nose.After 3-5 days of continuous use can be observed an increase in the amount of discharge from the nose or increased congestion.Rare symptoms - headache, rapid or irregular heartbeat, unusual irritability, anxiety

Forms release phenylephrine hydrochloride

  • Nasal drops

precautions for use phenylephrine hydrochloride

Older than 60 years drug usein children.

Driving the car and work with mechanisms The drug may cause impairment of attention and concentration.Keep an eye on the child, to avoid injury.

Alcohol Alcohol is contraindicated.

Overdose rapid, spasmodic or severe palpitations, headache, or dizziness;sweating, nervousness, trembling, paleness, insomnia.If accidentally applied dose significantly higher than the recommended, immediately call a doctor, emergency room or contact the nearest poison control center.

Interactions Before taking this means talk to your doctor if you use any other medicines.