sciatica Treatment of folk remedies

Sciatica is a disease of the peripheral nervous system.When the disease affects the bundles of nerve fibers that extend from the spinal cord.folk remedies Treatment - one of the most effective treatments.Why?First of all, because traditional medicine is always offers a time-tested recipes.Also, it is worth noting that all the ingredients of traditional medicine are completely natural.And buy them you will not be difficult.They are entirely made publicly available.

sciatica Treatment folk remedies - compresses herbal

  • Washed fresh or soaked in boiling water, dry leaves of burdock attach the bottom side to the sore spot.Compress hold at least an hour.
  • powder concoctions rubbed with sunflower oil (1: 30), resulting ointment to rub the sore spots, make a hot compress, keep 40-50 minutes.(Powder contains silicon crystals which are irritating the skin to cause blood flow to it).
  • birch leaves pour over boiling water, then apply a thick layer on the sore spot, close the paper or oilcloth.Heat wrap up the
  • leaves of burdock (burdock): Fresh leaves are washed with water, dried - scald with boiling water and attach the other side of the affected area, and then tie the compress paper or plastic film, and on top - a layer of cotton wool.
  • burdock root tincture (10%), prepared by 40-degree alcohol or vodka, used for rubbing and compresses.
  • powder concoctions rubbed with sunflower oil in the ratio of 1:39.Rub this ointment sore spots, close the top paper and woolen cloth.bodyagi powder contains fine crystals of silicon that its needles irritate the skin, causing blood flow.

use of these funds should cause deep heating, tolerant feeling the heat, burning and stinging sensation, but no pain, which is indicative of skin burns.

Sciatica Treatment folk remedies - packs based products

  • 1 tablespoon mustard powder spoon to pound in water at a temperature of about 40 degrees, to the consistency of sour cream, spread the resulting gruel cloth, apply it to the affected area and make a hot compress.Keep a few minutes.
  • Compress dough yeast - 1 teaspoon of turpentine to rub in the waist until until the skin turns red, then wrapped with gauze dough attach to the sore spot and make a compress.Hold 40-50 minutes.The procedure is to perform in a day, using the dough again, mold on the quality will not be affected.To reduce the burning drink warm milk with baking soda (1 cup milk 1 teaspoon baking soda).If you get a burn, a procedure to suspend.On treatment fairly compresses 3-5;
  • compress the dough without yeast - as soon as the dough becomes acidic, apply to the affected area four times a folded gauze, and over it - the dough Compress 1-2 cm thick to do on a daily basis at night..The course of treatment is for 10 procedures.
  • In folk medicine used for heating and horseradish tincture, which rubbed the sore spots.
  • piece of pure thick but soft cloth moisten with the juice of black radish, apply it on the affected area, wrap up warm.The compress can be worn for two days, unless there is a strong burning sensation.If necessary, the procedure is repeated several times.
  • horseradish grate and impose gruel with juice on the affected area.Burning can be reduced by mixing the slurry with sour cream.These poultices are good for children.
  • for the treatment of sciatica, you should: apply raw potato to the sore spot.

tincture kidney poplar for the treatment of sciatica

for the treatment of sciatica you need: two teaspoons of kidney poplar (previously dry and chopped) Pour one cup of boiling water.To sustain at least 15 minutes, then carefully drain.Take one third of glass at least three times a day.As an additional option, you can use this recipe: one or two teaspoons of kidney pour half a glass of 40% alcohol.Then should insist not less than seven days and strain.Should take about twenty drops three times a day.

Tips healers for the treatment of sciatica folk remedies

  • for the treatment of sciatica you need to: cut two red pepper, then pour 300 ml of liquid ammonia.Infuse for at least two weeks in a place protected from sunlight.Recommended daily thoroughly shaken.Then the preparation of the composition should be rubbed sore spots (movements should be just up).
  • At home, the most accessible means of sciatica - pasta Rosenthal: Preheat match paste is applied as a thin mesh on the lumbar region (repeat the procedure several times), the lower back is not wet, do not take analgesics.

Treatment of sciatica using folk remedies on prescription Vanga

  • Prepare a mixture of comminuted in tile powder, two proteins, one teaspoon of white powdered incense, and one glass of grape vodka.Before going to bed apply the mixture on a woolen cloth and attach to the lower back.This "patch" should be based on the lower back as long as he did not disappear.
  • sore point spread a thin layer of honey and cover with 1-2 layers of toilet paper.On top put a mustard plaster 2-3, they put plastic wrap and wrap all a warm scarf or a blanket.Time use a compress - less than one and a half hours.When painful sensations remove compress before.
  • crushed grated radish or horseradish applied to the sore spot.In order to soften the impact, you can add a lot of cream.The dilution may be used for children.
  • infusion of burdock root on vodka is used for rubbing and compresses.
  • Prepare the infusion of thyme, chamomile, St. John's wort, black elderberry flowers.To make the night hot compresses wraps.
  • Take an old Turkish tiles and a good pound to a powder, for those sift through a sieve.Add three beaten protein, 20 g of crushed incense and tea cup grape vodka.All this is thoroughly mixed.Apply mixture on linen wrap and lower back for the night.Take a piece of pure white linen, the size of one meter on and apply him 100 grams of gun oil.Three nights in a row to put to the back.
  • Take two bags of incense (40-50 g) and dissolved in 50 g of apple cider vinegar.Apply the mixture on a woolen cloth and three nights in a row butts Vat to the sore spot.
  • Soak a rag wool gasoline, attach to the sore spot, and from above to press a heated (but so as to be able to endure), a plate or a copper plate.For three nights in a row.

Sciatica treatment on prescription Ivan Prokhorov folk remedies

cold compress garlic - a popular treatment for sciatica

Saturate a cotton bandage or towel cold infusion of garlic, squeeze the juice from a lemon and apply to the burned area in the sun.Imposing a compress on the forehead, protect eyes.Keep the compress until it is warmed to body temperature (about 20 minutes).Then repeat the process with fresh cold brew until you feel relief.This tool helps with radiculitis and dental pain, especially if alternated with cold compress hot.Compress also able to reduce pain and swelling for sprains elbow and knee joints, and so on. D.

Pepper tincture (a red hot pepper) with radiculitis

Take 30 grams of red hot peppers on 200 ml of vodka or 70% alcohol.Infuse 2 weeks, drain, squeeze.Take a topically irritant for grinding radiculitis, neuralgia, myositis, sciatica, cough, rheumatism, lumbago.The infusion of eucalyptus used for the outer friction with radiculitis.

Fir oil in the treatment of sciatica

small amount of oil to rub in the region of strong pain.The effectiveness of treatment is enhanced after taking a bath or soak sore points.The course of treatment is 10-15 procedures.The same is recommended for pain in the feet, ankle and knee joints.

Chestnut horse for the treatment of sciatica

The fruit is ground to a powder, mixed with camphor oil or pork internal fat.Then spread on a slice of black bread and apply to the sore spot.

sciatica Treatment of folk remedies on prescription Lyudmila Kim

  • piece of clean soft cloth to moisten the dense juice black radish and apply on the affected area, wrap up warmly.Compress, unless a strong burning sensation, can be worn up to 2 days.
  • conker crush into a powder and mixed in equal proportions with camphor oil and internal fat.The mixture was spread thinly on a slice of black bread and attach to the sore spot.(From the bread begins to ooze moisture).
  • sore point spread a thin layer of honey and cover with 1 layer of toilet paper.On top put a mustard plaster 2-3, which, in turn, put a layer of plastic film, bundle up warm scarf or a blanket.
  • Useful tincture of burdock roots in vodka or alcohol.They are used for grinding or poultices.
  • Assist with radiculitis and fresh horseradish leaves are applied to the sore spot.Leaves can change or apply for several days at once.
  • To eliminate the need to prick pain 10-30 point above the upper lip below the nose.Tingling and massage the popliteal crease, especially its center.