How to care for Tillandsia at home

little information on how to care for Tillandsia.


Most green Tillandsia inhabit the tropical rain forest, and they need shade, high humidity and heat (approx. 22 ° C).The roots of the plant and kept constantly moist substrate, but so that water does not stagnate.The tank must be kept in moisture to flake-hairs inside the crater could receive water and nutrients.

Gray Tillandsia live in areas with low precipitation, but high humidity (in the form of fog or dew).Their suction flakes or flake-hairs absorb atmospheric moisture;in addition, they love the sun and fresh air.

How to care for Tillandsia?

Gray Tillandsia can be immersed in water at room temperature-settled with the foundation;everything else Tillandsia sprayed in the summer mornings and evenings with soft water.In the winter dormant period they are kept in a cool place and watered less.Spraying is important to take only soft water at room temperature, since otherwise the lime layer is formed, and the plant will not be able to absor

b moisture and nutrients to the leaves (suction flakes or scales-hairs).

there are special liquid fertilizer for top dressing of Tillandsia.If not, it is also suitable fertilizer for orchids.

in water intended for irrigation or spraying, the instructions added a little liquid fertilizer and the mixture is moistened plants in period of growth of 1 or 2 times a week.

Substrate and transplantation

substrate is selected depending on the type of Tillandsia.For the kinds of green land is suitable for orchids epiphytic or augmentation of yield, since the conditions of existence of these plants do not differ from the epiphytic orchids.Green Tillandsia are transplanted each year or every two years to bloom into a fresh substrate.

Gray Tillandsia prepared as a substrate coarse sand or fine-grained clay granules.They are not transplanted and not touch before flowering.

However, gray Tillandsia can be pasted on any basis.For this sale special glue made from natural materials.It is better to use sparingly, otherwise it could fall into the growth point of Tillandsia, and the plant will die.Pasted plants put in a damp place.

As a basis can serve as stones, pieces of wood, large branches and chunks of lava.Recent store water and slowly give it.Tillandsia usneevidnuyu (Louisiana moss) (Tillandsia usneoides) tied with wire to the base of cork or bark, and then hung in place with moist air that hung from her long "beard".