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It's no secret that the legs - is that part of the body, which lends itself to losing weight is heavier than most.It would seem: thin waist, abdomen podkachenny drawn, but sticking out "ears" (extra inches on the hips) or cellulite significantly spoil the picture.Do not panic and buy pre-wide jeans or long skirt, which can hide the so-called flaws figures.Today, there are a lot of home exercises for slimming the legs, which will help get rid of this problem.

Tips and tricks for losing weight

legs To begin, you should reconsider your diet.It is proved that favorite cakes, muffins, buns and the like "joy to the soul" are the number one enemy to our bodies.Excess calories are converted into fat deposits, which are perfectly acclimatized on our hips, forcing young and beautiful girls terribly from complexes about it.So, should be abandoned or at least limit the sweet and flour for leg slimming.

However, the problem has already appeared and diet alone can not do here.It is necessary to resort to radical

solutions, for example, such as a fitness exercise for leg slimming.Access to the fitness club will help get rid of excess centimeters and even a little pumped up legs with home exercises.There are specially designed program for problem areas of the body.However, the training takes place 2-3 times a week, and miss them very desirable.But sometimes there are unforeseen events that disrupt your plans.

very effective and less useful for slimming the legs and thighs, in particular, and for the whole body, in general, is gidroaerobika.Exercise for the legs in the water weight loss significantly increase the load on the muscles, which leads to burning more calories.But not all is near by the center, which hosts water aerobics classes, and enjoy it, to be honest, is not cheap ...

Maximum leg slimming effect can be achieved by using different types of workouts.Home exercises for slimming the legs may consist of cardio and strength training.Strength training should be started gradually, besides not recommended to engage in power classes 2-3 times a week.Try each workout to increase the intensity slightly and the number of approaches - it will help your body get used to sports and exercise to prepare for a gradual transformation.Karditrenirovki can be carried out using special exercise machines (treadmill, stepper), or at the stadium (running, skating).Also do not forget about the campaigns in the swimming pool and sauna.Just a couple of months you will feel the first results and also more beautiful and slender legs, you will gain confidence, graceful posture and well-being, because the sport has a positive effect on the whole body.

Home exercises for slimming the legs - technique of

Home exercise equipment at no extra legroom

Exercise for weight loss first leg: Sitting on a chair between the knees should hold a rubber ball.Squeeze the legs as much as possible, and hold this position for 5-10 seconds and then relax your feet.You should start with 5-10 approaches, increasing the load gradually to 20-30 approaches.During maximum clamping ball you will feel a strong pull, and even pain in the muscles;it is a sign that you are doing the exercise correctly.Clamping and closing the ball you strengthen your inner thigh.

second exercise for leg slimming help to strengthen the outer part of the thigh.Lie on the floor on your left side (head prop can be handy for convenience), and begin to do the right leg swings 90 degrees, without bending it at the knee.The same should be done and on the right side.Besides the fact that this exercise helps to strengthen the muscles of the outer thigh, runtime is activated and the lower press.

If your main goal - to get rid of cellulite on thighs and buttocks, you will approach the third exercise.Sit on the floor with legs straightened.And we begin sitting as if "go", alternately bending your knees, first forward, then the same holds back.Hands with bent elbows and assist in the exercise.The back should be kept straight, do not slouch.That's all really easy!

Pets leg slimming exercises with a chair

Exercise for weight loss - allocating feet

This exercise helps to drive away the fat on the outside of the thigh.To perform this activity you need a chair that you want to put in front of him.Becoming back to his back, grasp her hands.Then, straighten your back and take a deep breath;exhale take away one leg to the side and lift it to the height at which it will be a 45 ° angle to your body.In this position, the leg must be delayed by several seconds and then return to the next inhalation leg in the starting position.Repeat the exercise should be gently for 20-30 times, do not forget to alternate feet.

Exercise for legs - semicircles

Another useful exercise for the legs is also performed using the chair.It is necessary, keeping your back straight, described semicircles in turn: the right, the left foot, each time holding it in the air over a chair.Exercise can complicate the course of time, and describe semicircles not over the seat and backrest of the chair.Total exercise should be done 20 times for each leg, at the same time you will not only strengthen the muscles of your feet, but also can improve your posture and the vestibular apparatus.

Exercise for socks

Such training will help strengthen the calf muscles of your legs, and generally will contribute to slimming down.Stand facing the back of the chair and grasp it.On the exhale, try to get up on your toes as high as possible, and within a few seconds, slowly lower yourself to the starting position.Over time, exercise can complicate - to climb on your toes on one foot, compressing the second.

Video: home exercise for leg slimming

Running Slimming

feet How to lose weight in the legs by a run

To get the maximum effect, buy special pants for losing weight.These shorts are made of special waterproof material, which creates the effect of a sauna.While running shorts inhibit heat, helping to sweat and release toxins, thus good to burn fat and cellulite disappear.

Run through the streets of the city, and best of all the parks.Choose no paved roads and paths with swings and slides, so you can train the respiratory system.While running, turn on all the muscles, thereby burn the most calories.

If you want to achieve the maximum effect of slimming down, then try to run up the steps, and can be in the stairwell.The result will not wait long.By - top, it will be difficult to run up higher than 6 floors, the further you'll run faster and higher.This type of racing is very good burns on the legs, buttocks and thighs.Run on the rise from small to large, do not just give all their strength.

Run so that not much tired.To begin 15 minutes will be sufficient, it does not depend on where you're running.Next, combine fast running with jogging, it will improve your workouts.The frequency of training depends on your desire, but if you want to achieve good results, you need to run every day.

At what time is best to run for leg slimming

for morning jogging men are more suited than women.That women hormones that are responsible for physical activity, wake up in the evening.So, it is best for women to run for leg slimming evening.If you have time to run only in the morning, then wake up your body with the help of a contrast shower.In the morning you must eat after jogging.When you enter into the daily rhythm of training, in addition to all can be applied and light diet.A better use of fasting days.Always make sure the pressure and the general state of health, weight loss is also running load on the body.And let your mood will always be beautiful!

effective slimming leg using a treadmill at home

intensity home exercise treadmill

Exercise on the treadmill for leg slimming recommended for at least 30 minutes a day.Fitness - coaches say that you need at least 2 times a week to pay a treadmill for 45 minutes and 1 day, at least, to devote an hour workout on a treadmill.For your convenience, you can create the following schedule of classes: two sessions of 30 minutes in the same day.

treadmill to lose weight in the legs requires fast movements, as if you were somewhere much late.Recommend place about 1 kilometer for 10-12 minutes on a treadmill.An important detail - you have to go so fast that they could, for example, to talk, but could not sing, doing on the treadmill.

Exercise on the treadmill at any time convenient for you.Practice shows that it is more expedient to do so in the morning.This condition is explained by the fact that in the morning you have less rapidly burning carbohydrate calories, so fat stores are burned easily.

training technique on a treadmill to lose weight

  • legs First, you need to warm up.A few minutes walk around slowly, so that the muscles can warm up.
  • Drink plenty of water.During training on the treadmill in the body loses a lot of fluid.Basically, treadmills for losing weight are equipped with special bottles for the water to facilitate training.Before the start of training on the treadmill a good idea to drink a glass of water, during exercise you need to drink water to avoid dehydration.After a workout on the treadmill you need to drink at least 1 cup of water.
  • Catching up on the simulator, use the right technique.Walk on a treadmill right, straightening his shoulders and chest.Abdominal muscles should be stretched slightly.Put on the heel of the foot, then roll it in the fingers, strongly pushing the front part of the foot in order to take the next step.To increase the tempo go faster steps, not lengthen them.Work with your hands, bent at the elbows, move them from the waist to the chest and back.
  • Before the end of walking on the treadmill give yourself time to cool down.Gradually reduce the pace, walk 5 minutes at a slow pace.This heart will calm down, and the muscles will not be hurt.

Use sessions on the treadmill

Weight reduction - is not the only positive point of walking on a treadmill.You can also significantly improve overall health.Classes are on a treadmill normalize blood pressure, lower cholesterol, improve insulin production.But as walking on a treadmill - this is all the strength exercises, which is associated with the movement of your body weight, you can strengthen bones, reducing the risk of diseases such as osteoporosis.

treadmill to lose weight in addition to performing the proper techniques while walking requires compliance with certain diets.Many women seeking to lose weight, start to skip meals.But more effective for weight loss is the opposite - eat more often, but small portions.This is especially important for those who want to engage in walking on the treadmill regularly.

These and other exercises for slimming the legs can help you get rid of the human complex with ugly feet.You will be afford to wear shorter skirts, which undoubtedly will make you more attractive to men.

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