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Almost every one of us is well aware of this problem as overweight.Help comes to fitness beginners diet, which quickly and effectively help you get rid of extra centimeters and acquire attractive shapes.Of course, this kind of exercise, require time and effort, but it really will stop you on the road to achieving your dreams?

Fitness for Beginners diet - the basics

In the view of many people, fitness for beginners - this is only step aerobics, which is carried out at the fitness clubs.But in fact, this view is mistaken.The concept of "fitness" is quite broad;It includes any kind of physical exercise to combat obesity and overweight.Fitness for weight loss can be called and jogging, and biking and walking trails, and even dance gymnastics.But that step aerobics and water aerobics are a part of fitness, they know almost everything.The last two types of fitness, of course, are more efficient and are a crucial means in the fight against overweight;but it should also be noted that they are more tedious an

d requires a lot of effort, compared with sports walking or a walk on the bike.

Benefits fitness slimming

specially selected complex of exercises designed to improve blood circulation and normalization of metabolism which, in turn, provide the burning of excess fat.You do not need to drain your body debilitating diets, starvation or poison it with a variety of pills and potions diet of dubious origin.In addition, fitness activities promote active enrichment of internal organs with oxygen and other nutrients, which also has a positive effect on the body.Thus, fitness classes provide a boost of energy and positive emotions for the whole day.

Unlike dieting and fasting, there is no need to deny yourself food, as fitness for beginners will provide a more active metabolism.But at the same time, non-energy-dense foods will only improve and accelerate the desired result.It is important to remember that at the gym to lose weight, self-discipline is very important: not desirable to miss classes, since thereby you reduce the chances of achieving the main objective.So laziness must be set aside.

Another obstacle to further fitness for beginners can be muscle pain.It occurs after the first lessons as a result of the release in the muscles of a special type of muscle acid, which causes pain during any movement or stress.But we should not stop the occupation;should be patient a few days, the pain itself will disappear.

In fact, fitness for weight loss can turn into an exciting and very interesting task.A desire to continue a regular fitness classes reinforce the appearance of the first positive results of the fight against excess weight.Tell me, finally, 'no' low self-esteem and complexes associated with the extra inches in the waist and hips!

Water aerobics - part of fitness slimming

Water aerobics for Beginners is a standard exercise program provided classical aerobics, but all the exercise held in the water, which makes them much more intense and effective.It is noteworthy that in order to deal with this kind of fitness, it is not necessary to be able to swim.Usually, when doing water aerobics uses a special belt that supports the body in the water.

Osnovі akvaaєrobiki Starter Slimming

basic principle of water aerobics for beginners is a force to overcome the resistance offered by the water, which significantly increases the load on almost all groups of human muscle, and consumes large amounts of energy.That is why water aerobics for weight loss is the best option and the perfect view of physical activity.water aerobics Classes have a favorable impact on both the joints and the ligaments as well as the musculoskeletal system, back and spine.The magical effect that turns back in the normal swimming lessons, water aerobics in the classroom increases many times.

During the aqua-aerobics to lose weight all the traffic provided exercise program, get smooth, soft, and the body is literally weightless.In the course of employment active and intense exercise interspersed with optimal relaxation.

water aerobics Classes allow you to adjust the weight effectively, and have the most positive impact on the spine.Moreover, these fitness classes allow views to develop flexibility of the body, its strength and endurance, and can significantly improve the coordination.

As a rule, one session in aqua aerobics lasts about 45 minutes, which is the standard time for fitness classes, as well as the length of time during which effectively burns fat and undergoing the weight loss process.In the process of training in aqua aerobics uses the same tools as in the ordinary classroom, classical aerobics - dumbbells Body - bars, as well as other sports equipment.

Efficiency of water aerobics for weight loss beginners

Water aerobics helps to keep the body in shape and lose weight, if any.Experts estimate that the number of calories burned during a water aerobics classes, significantly more than consumption during the occupation of classical aerobics.The level of fatigue after water aerobics classes does not exceed the same level after the aerobics in the gym.

In modern fitness - centers represented a wide variety of aqua-aerobics programs, among which each visitor can choose the type of load and its degree of intensity that will optimally meet the goals and level of fitness.There is a water aerobics for weight loss and exercises that develop endurance exercises for pregnant women, children, as well as classes for yoga and strength training elements.

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Nutrition for fitness classes for beginners to lose weight

The period for fitness beginners need to eat well and balanced, diet and fitness is aimed precisely at this.It includes the right, rich in essential food diet.Be sure to include in the diet of protein and carbohydrates, but it is better to completely eliminate fats (consume no more than 4 grams per day).Carbohydrates are needed immediately prior to exercise (2-3 hours), they will help to get enough energy to muscles and the brain, which he loses, burning fat reserves.Proteins provide amino acids to help muscles that are needed immediately after a workout.Excluding fat from your diet will help speed up the work of the stomach, and, respectively, and the process of digestion.In addition, the reception of fatty foods can complicate the process of training, it stays longer in the stomach and can cause nausea, hiccups and other unpleasant sensations.

just a few hours before training we advise you to eat chicken, turkey, steamed or boiled, are also add to the diet of rice or rye bread.For men and people who do not have problems with the figure, fit a low-fat steak and boiled potatoes.You can make an omelette from proteins or boil porridge.Large portions of food can be consumed within two hours before training, because at this time it is better to eat soup or a large portion of salad.Here, for example, light, low-fat cottage cheese or oatmeal can be eaten, and 40 minutes before your workout.

Basics of nutrition in fitness classes for beginners

basis of fitness diet is the correct absorption of the liquid, so during your workout drink a lot, or all of the exercises you will perform slowly and without enthusiasm, as even a 3% dehydration reduces efficiencyyour workout.Do not rely on your senses, the receptors are blunted during exercise, so just do a sip every 10-15 minutes sessions.

Remember that fitness diet focused primarily on the correct diet during active sports and brings the effect only in conjunction with aerobic exercise and other physical activities.

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