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Sedentary work and modern sedentary lifestyle often leads to the appearance of extra kilos.The problem of obesity is now so urgent that almost every second person is dissatisfied with their figure and would like to get rid of extra centimeters in certain areas of the body.If you belong to this category of people, then exercise to lose weight at home - this is your way to find attractive forms as soon as possible.

Exercises Slimming

home Features of the exercises at home

If you set out to lose weight, then you will approach a long exercise to diet low intensity.The ideal way to get rid of unwanted weight may be walking trails or quiet running.To achieve positive results, jog or walk should last at least thirty minutes.This is because during the first 20-30 minutes of exercise, the body burns "calories eaten", and only after this time, begins active fat splitting.Do not forget at the same time that it is necessary to start with a small jogging, gradually increasing the time and intensity of them.

After jogging or Nordic walking does not hurt, "shake" the legs and abs.Now, when the body is "warmed up" the muscles remarkably amenable to training.To perform the exercise you need to use the horizontal bar, or wall bars.Holding his hands higher, lift straight legs as high as possible.This exercise will strengthen the muscles of the legs and abdominal muscles.Women also perfect push-ups from the wall, which strengthens the chest and shoulder muscles.And the opinion that these exercises will make you into a "pitching" with broad shoulders - it's just a myth.

waist will be useful to the rotational movement of the hips.Also, you can try this exercise: put feet shoulder width apart and make sharp turns of the body in both directions at the same time helping hands.

Exercise for weight loss really bring the desired effect in a fairly short period of time.Not only do you notice how in his eyes "melt" your extra weight, but also feel a powerful surge of strength, energy and positive emotions for the whole day.

set of exercises to lose weight at home

So to perform this complex exercise for weight loss, you will need two dumbbells weighing from 2 to 4 kilograms and a rubber band to increase the load strength exercises.

Exercise plié (crouching) with dumbbells

legs to put on the shoulder width apart, toes slightly outward.Dumbbell take in the right hand, lift the dumbbell to shoulder height.Squatting at the same time lower the dumbbell, then lift - and return to the starting position.Repeat 9 times.Then, crouching, in the left thigh pass a dumbbell in your left hand.Straighten your legs.Then, crouching again, pass a dumbbell in your right hand.Repeat 8 times.During the execution of the work plies his shoulders, buttocks and legs.

Exercise for weight loss - max with ribbon

tape stretch behind on the level of the shoulder blades.Perform swing left arm forward, pulling the tape, lifting the left foot on the toe and heel of the left shifting.Turn left at the same body.Return to the starting position, repeat on the right side.16 repetitions.During the exercise the hands, press the chest.

Thrust dumbbell cross - exercise at home

Put tape on the floor, stand on its middle.Take a dumbbell in the left-hand, right hand, lean forward, grab the left end of the belt with your right hand, the right end - with his left hand.Lifts the hands, turning the wrist outward.Make 12 lifts.Lifting dumbbells for this exercise a strain on the back and arms.

Exercise - squat with a banner ribbon slimming

Legs set slightly wider than shoulder line, the ends of the rubber band wrapped around the wrists of both hands.Hands pull forward, palms down.The tape must be in tension.Then, crouch, waving his hands to the sides parallel to the floor.Crouch 9 times, then the home position.Make 5 times.Such complicated squats engage the legs, back and buttocks.

Exercise for triceps at home

tape Press the left foot to the floor, the right set aside earlier.Pick up the dumbbells, palms turn to each other, grab the tape.Raise your hands up to the chest line, be omitted.I repeat - 10 times.At 11 times the hands leave straight at chest level, alternately bend and pull yourself.Make 10 times for each hand.This exercise gives an even load on the triceps and back.

Exercise for weight loss - bench press with ribbon

Wind the tape ends on both wrists, pull it through the back.Get down to the starting position pushups.Perform mode, if the tape is not in tension, wound her wrists more.If hard, you can do push-ups with the knees.Repeat 10 times.During the exercise worked housing, triceps, pectoral muscles.

Exercise - tilt back with a dumbbell

Sit on the floor, bend your legs at the knees, feet flat on the floor.Dumbbell in your hands, draw hands to her chest.Leans back until the tension in the press.Lift the dumbbell, lower.Return to the starting position.Repeat 15 times.During the exercise active press.

Exercise - rifts in the home

Lie on your right side, straighten your legs.Roll onto your back.Drawing on both hands behind your back, bend your knees and push to the chest.Straighten your legs and lie on your left side.Make 5 repetitions.During the exercise also works the press.

This slimming complex to be performed for 50 minutes.Breathing moderate, the average rate.

  • 0: 0 - 10: 0 min .: warm, easy pace, even breathing.
  • 10: 0 - 20: 0 min .: slightly increase the pace, breathing a little heavier.
  • 20: 0 - 30: 0 min .: increase the tempo to the average breathing heavier.
  • 30: 0 - 40: 0 min .: continue to exercise at a moderate pace.
  • 40: 0 - 50: 0 min .: gradually slowing the pace, go back to the original intensity, take a hitch.

Video: set of exercises to lose weight at home

tips and recommendations on the implementation of exercises for weight loss

Tips during the exercise at home

To begin, you should understand thatno matter what physical activity is not included in your set of exercises for weight loss, they should carry out no earlier than an hour after eating.The fact that it is this period of time is needed for your body to get rid of the feeling of "full stomach".

During the training, allowed to drink water, as during physical exercise, the processes in the body are activated, causing active sweating.Drinking water will prevent such problems as dehydration.The most suitable time for active physical activities is considered to be the first half of the day.

rules for fast and healthy weight loss

  1. Pay special attention to your daily diet.Without the appropriate adjustment, you can not achieve a positive result.
  2. necessary to perform every week for 3 - 4 training.
  3. Each workout should have a duration of not less than 40 minutes.
  4. The person performing the exercise for weight loss, should always be slightly increased heart rate and breathing.But all this must be within reasonable limits.There is no place for empty pastime, and conversations.
  5. Count on the fact that in this mode you will be at least one month to take stock and get results.
  6. number dropped kilos is very individual and depends on many factors, so it is very difficult to program in advance the number.
  7. If you are in the fitness center, you need to perform routine exercises for all muscle groups at the same time try to trim the weight so that you could do 18 - 20 repetitions of each exercise.Perform 5 - 6 sets of each exercise.
  8. Pay special attention to ensure that the body does not come over-voltage, and you do not feel chronic fatigue and muscle pain.Such a situation is possible only in the case when a person is an urgent need to lose weight, and he begins to intensively perform exercises for weight loss.In the organization of the training process it is the most important task that you need to find that same individual "middle ground" between the loads in training and the ability of the body to recover.If incorrectly calculate the load (for example, it will be very weak), it will be difficult to achieve a result in lose weight.If the workload is very intensive, then after some time training in the gym will have to stop because of the very strong weakening of the body, both moral and physical.
  9. Exercises for losing weight for convenience is divided into several groups of muscles, for which they work, but you need to keep in mind that if you, for example, reduce the waist volume - it does not mean that should only be done for abdominal muscle exercises and bottomback.The surest way to bring the waist in order - to perform complex exercises for different muscle groups with an emphasis on exercise for the problem area.

types of simulators and training for weight loss

Strength Training Diet

This type of fitness machines suitable for the most effective body shaping and getting rid of the extra kilos.Since the fitness machines may have targeted the load on a certain part of the body that you want to change, they are the most effective for the correction of certain body parts (legs, press, buttocks).In addition to training on the simulator in order to achieve maximum effect, you need to follow a special diet.However, it will not be wearisome kefir diet, but rather a full-fledged food with high protein content.It is very common, especially among women, a delusion which is that people do not want to use the fitness machines for weight loss because they do not want to look like a master of the sport of bodybuilding.In fact, bodybuilders achieve results without special nutritional supplements is not possible, moreover, "pitching" their bodies gradually gain, and you will always be able to stop or reduce the load on your body, if you feel that the approach to its optimal condition.

very important point - to buy himself a simulator can anyone, but it will only help you to achieve the results, if you constantly and diligently work on yourself.Before buying power simulator, pass a medical examination to be sure that the health allows you to carry additional power load on the body.

Cardio for weight loss

effective for weight loss are basically any exercise equipment, however, if the fitness machines help to build muscle mass and allow to adjust certain parts of the body, the cardio have a more general effect on the human body.Cardio there are so many and they all look different, have completely different functions, but any of them can help you bring your weight back to normal.Such simulators for weight loss as treadmills, exercise bikes, steppers and riders are the most popular exercise machines to lose excess weight.

When training on such simulators can not increase the amount of food consumed, but also it is not necessary to sit on a strict diet too.Consume food not less than 2 hours after the end of the workout, and try not to train for wear - begin to engage at a moderate pace, gradually increasing the load.

Aerobic exercise at home

It will be sufficient aerobic exercise - brisk walking or jogging, a set of simple exercises, jumping rope.A great exercise is swimming in a calm pace for an hour.In addition to the immediate physical exertion when sailing further waste of energy to maintain normal body temperature, and as a result - burn extra calories.

can not do the exercises depending on your mood.Of course, should be to choose what to do exercise to lose weight, but to achieve the desired result of physical exercise should be regular.Only in this way the body will burn excess fat effectively.It is sufficient for a successful weight loss will be a class for an hour for five days.After strenuous exercise, be sure to take a shower or bath.

Stretching and meditation for weight loss in

home Stretching exercises help to avoid injury during sports.A performance of power stretches included in the set of yoga significantly increase the burning of calories.The process of losing weight should not be accompanied by overexertion of muscles and the body needs a normal rest.Thus, the constant lack of sleep can nullify all the results to get rid of extra kilos.Good help will be a meditation - it's a great way to get rid of stress and more.The meditation should be able to work on creating a mental image, imagining the desired end result of all your daily efforts to lose weight.

Tips to slow weight loss without any harm to health

Move more for weight loss

walk, no matter where and how, the main thing to do it more often.Sport walking accelerate metabolism, help the process of burning the excess weight at a faster pace.Optional walk fast, sweat, to achieve a result.If you are like 5-10 minutes several times a day - this will help, because in the last 7 days already accumulated several hours.

Proper nutrition for weight loss

If you have increased its activity, it does not mean that now you can have everything you want.If you are increasing the load will not have everything, you will soon discover in reducing weight as spend more calories than you consume.

Accelerate metabolism for weight loss

Increased physical activity helps speed up the metabolism in the human body.The reason for this lies in the fact that most of the activity build muscle, which in turn speeds up the rate of metabolism in the body, because muscle burns more calories than fat.

increase the load for weight loss

If you live in a building with an elevator, go up to your floor once again on foot.Come up with any excuse to take a walk.Put the car into the parking lot away from the entrance and walk on foot.Try to remain standing, not sitting (standing burns more calories).Every day, try to make at least a 30-minute walk and pass a total of 1 kilometer.

Muscle efforts on everyday things

The idea is to put more effort to perform the actions that you normally perform easily.Climb up from the chair without helping himself with his hands.Lift heavy objects are not one, but two hands.Standing in line, do not rely on one leg, and change the position.Walking up the stairs, do not touch the handrails, make your legs work.Climb over it slow movements.In order to stand out, sitting, do not tilt your body, instead tighten the abdominal muscles.

exercises with hoop slimming

Types Hoops for slimming

Hoop ordinary - it is sold in any sporting goods store, and it is usually made of plastic or aluminum.

collapsible hoop - its peculiarity is that it can be easily folded and compact lucky with him in any trip or business trip

weighted hoop - designed specifically to increase the stress on the body.As a general rule, to weight hoop manufacturers use sand.Losing weight with the help of torsion hoop happen faster if you choose just such a band, however, it is not recommended to start training from that kind hulahupa.

hoop massage - designed specifically to break up fat deposits in the buttocks, waist and hips.