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«Tszyanfey" - is breathing exercises for weight loss, which consists of 3 exercises.According to its rules (breathing exercises has Chinese roots) need to perform the exercises slowly and thoughtfully.Breathing exercises for effective weight loss will produce results within a month after the start of the course: loss of weight can be up to four to five kilograms per month.

Breathing exercises for weight loss - exercise "Wave"

Before performing the exercises need to change into comfortable, does not restrict movement, clothing.This exercise helps reduce appetite, to overcome food addiction and the feeling of hunger.It helps regulate the amount of food while avoiding the unpleasant weight loss symptoms: weakness, dizziness, irritability, and constant feeling of hunger.

initial position to perform breathing exercises for weight loss: bending your knees, lie on your back, feet in this case should touch the floor.The left hand lay on his chest, right in the stomach.Lightly squeeze the chest and stomach w

ith his hands during inhalation and exhalation.When inhaling, flatten the chest, draw the belly and gently push your right palm on the peritoneum.When you exhale, try to compress the chest and "inflate" the abdomen.This exercise should resemble a wave.The total number of approaches - 35-40.

Exercise breathing exercises for weight loss "Frog"

Exercise "frog" to help cope with the weakness that often accompanies the process of losing weight."Frog" improves blood circulation and, consequently, the metabolism.

Exercise breathing exercises for weight loss is done sitting.Sit on a chair so that your knees form a 90 ° angle.Feet should be on the floor, knees slightly apart.A woman needs to squeeze in a fist left hand and right hand to clasp his fist.Men, on the contrary, clenched his right hand and his left hand clasp.Elbows should be brought to its knees, forehead to rely on his fist.Close your eyes, relax and calm down as much as possible.Within 1-2 minutes, try to achieve peace of mind and how to fix it mentally, and every muscle in the body.Then inhale through the nose, while imagining that help the air to pass into the stomach.Freeze for 2 seconds.Then make a little extra short breath.Then take a slow breath and focus on their feelings about how your stomach become soft and relaxed.

As a result, you should get a vicious cycle of respiratory movements resembling wiggling belly frog sitting motionless."Frog" to do at least 3 times a day, each time for 15 minutes.

Breathing exercises for weight loss - exercise Lotus

«Lotus" is known to all - this is one of the classic oriental meditation postures.

This exercise breathing exercises helps to relieve chronic fatigue and to cope with chronic diseases."Lotus" can be performed during the day.Hands should be folded in front of his stomach, with one hand placed on top of another.If exercise makes a woman, she puts his left hand over the right, if the man - right hand lays on top of the left.The first 5 min.breathing should be smooth, calm, almost without a sound.Second 5 min.breath is common and familiar, and exhale - the most deep, long, smooth and silent, thus it is impossible to strain.Subsequent 10 breathe naturally, just listen to your breathing.

total duration of "Lotus" can be either 20 or 40 minutes.

Breathing exercises for weight loss will help you in a short time to lose weight and keep good figure, while maintaining excellent health

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