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well-known fact that for effective weight loss at home a sensible diet and physical activity.Exercising to lose weight will improve your health and help you burn extra calories.Any activity helps to accelerate the metabolism and burns calories.

Exercising for weight loss at home - the basic exercises

Features of the gym for weight loss

desirable that the complex consisted of three phases: warm-up the muscles for 10 minutes, the most charging and relaxation.To warm up suit steps in place, light jogging or jumping low.You can then connect swings his arms and torso.The main part should consist of exercises for different muscle groups.Be sure to include a workout for the thighs and buttocks exercises for chest muscles, abdominals and back.Feel every part of the body, do not rush and do not load the body.

performing exercise is important not to overdo it.After completing the training you need to feel courage, and not to fall to the feet of fatigue.A well-chosen set of exercises and the implementation

of the basic rules will help to lose weight and significantly improve the quality of life.

offer you a set of exercises to lose weight exercises - these exercises aimed at burning excess fat and help you become slim:

Exercising for weight loss - exercise without any additional items

  • Walking on the spot.High lifting his knees, breathe in the first four steps in the following four steps - an exhalation.
  • put your hands up, pull the leg straight back, cave, then return to starting position.Next, bend your leg and arms to move the knee to the chest, with the head should be lowered.Pull the other leg back, raising his hands, return to the starting position.Perform each exercise 3-4 times with each leg.
  • legs apart, bend your right leg and bend three times to the left toe straight leg.Perform 4-6 tilts to each leg.
  • legs apart, perform a circular motion pelvis, alternately pulling and relaxing the abdominal wall.Do this exercise 6-8 times in each direction.
  • Stand up straight, hands folded on his stomach.Follow springy squat three times, pressing her hands to the abdominal wall.Do this exercise 16-20 times.

Gymnastic exercises to lose weight at home with a chair

  • For the next exercise you will need a chair.Stand up straight, holding the chair.Take one leg to the side, make a circular motion foot in one direction and then in another direction.Do this exercise with a large amplitude.Make exercise 8-12 times with each leg.
  • Stand on tiptoe, holding on to the back of the chair.Follow the springy motion, flexing his legs at the ankle joints for 15-20 seconds.
  • Standing straight, jump on the first two legs, and then on each foot separately for 25-30 sec., After finishing this exercise by walking on the spot.
  • Lie on your back, knees bent, and then sit down.Then straighten your legs, twice lean forward, try to touch the face of the knees.Repeat this exercise 12-16 times.
  • Lie on your back, legs bent, then spread them, with the foot must remain on the floor.Raising his hips, do them in different directions of motion 4-6 times.Do this exercise 2-3 times with pauses.
  • Lie on your back, hands folded on his stomach.Rhythmically pulling and bulging abdominal wall, press down on her folded hands on his stomach.Perform 8-12 times.

Completion of exercises to lose weight at home

Stand with your feet apart.Hands to pull the sides and back.Caved in, inhale, then lean forward, relax your arms and exhale.Repeat 3-4 times.Exercising to lose weight is carried out every day, do not forget at the same time a healthy balanced diet.

Video: Gymnastics for weight loss at home

Benefits of Gymnastics for weight loss at home

Surely you have heard about miracle diets that help lose tens of kilograms in just one month.But, unfortunately, no one diet will not make taut body muscles strong and elastic skin.To achieve good results will help only a comprehensive approach in which slimming gymnastics is one of the main places.

Simple and regular exercise in the morning or during the day will help to improve overall well-being, will make movement easy and graceful, raise your spirits and relieve, finally, from the extra kilos.By the way, a positive attitude and exercise happy to play an important role in achieving the ideal of beauty.It has long been proven that obesity comes with depression and unrest, accompanied by uncontrolled consumption of food.

basic rules of gymnastics slimming

main rule exercises for weight loss - the regularity and stability of employment.Let it be a light workout or a short set of exercises, but they should be daily, without breaks and weekends.Even the most minimal effort to maintain good physical shape, be sure to bring good fruit.

slimming exercise should not be too intense.They are not equal to sports loads.Excessive exercise require high energy costs, which leads to increased appetite and consume large amount of junk food.Before losing weight is far away.

main charging task - to increase energy expenditure and fat so as to reduce the body weight.This can be achieved by increasing the load gradually, without fanaticism.Break up a complex of exercises for a few short approaches and follow them on a daily basis, without long breaks.Only in this way will be able to reduce weight.

Remember that training fits any period of time.It can be as morning exercises and evening before bedtime.But the gap between physical activity and food intake (previous and next) must not be less than 90 minutes.

For greater efficiency kindly requested to develop a set of exercises and strictly follow the plan of training.This may be the usual exercises for morning exercise, light stretching, jumping, running on the spot, and others. The break between exercises should be no more than 1 minute.The main thing is not to give your muscles cool down, then charge for losing weight will bring the long-awaited results.

20 minutes after completion of the exercise of the complex can be a little snack.Suit light low-fat yogurt, cottage cheese or a glass of unsweetened yogurt.To receive more high-calorie food should start in half an hour after the workout.

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