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advantages, which boasts aerobics for weight loss at home in front of other types of activities that allow to lose weight, proven by time.The famous American actress Jane Fonda, through which the whole world thirty years ago carried away aerobic exercise for weight loss, has proven its effectiveness on the example of his life.For thirty years, the triumphal march of the world aerobics transformed in several varieties - dance aerobics to lose weight, step aerobics for beginners, power aerobics and many varieties using simulators.To select a particular kind, you need a clear idea of ​​the goal that you are pursuing, began his studies, and resources of time and money that you have to achieve the goal.

Aerobics slimming home for beginners - the rules and fundamentals

for all types of aerobics there are general rules that allows you to get the desired effect of the exercise.

first - always "warm-up" before the main occupation and "cooling" after him.Muscles should gradually come into operation.The differ

ent courses are starting from different muscle groups, but be sure to work gradually included in the group after group of 5-10 minutes.The following is the basic unit of exercise, the duration of which shall not be less than 20 minutes.Completing lesson should be gradually reducing the load to zero, in any case did not stop abruptly (like a car under the squeal of brakes).

second - the load should be monitored by pulse.Well, if you are in a respectable fitness center under the supervision of a medical specialist.But at home it is quite able to measure heart rate.Exercises have meaning, if the pulse at the time of their performance reaches 60-80% of your maximum, the value of which can be determined by a simple formula - 220 minus your age.

third - aerobic training frequency should be 3-5 times a week.Intense stress is less than three times a week will not give the desired effect.For most people, this simple point is the problem, there is always some kind of distractions - trips, birthdays, bad mood and more.Overcome the temptation to postpone the session for another day, you can only force of will.After one to two wins over itself it does not seem so difficult.

main recommendations for beginners at aerobics

Never train on a full stomach Generally speaking, training better before eating.For many years we were told: do not go swimming after eating, because it will sink or you start vomiting, or abdominal cramps.Some people, after dinner, would not go to the gym, and will wait until then, until after the feeling of satiety.They believe that only they will not have any problems.We would recommend you to wait about two hours after a meal, and only then start training.Much also depends on the time of digestion, as well as on what kind of exercise you want to perform.For example, fruits digest a few minutes, and fatty meats - more than 2 hours.Normally, after a meal it is useful to walk lightly.

If you experience excessive fatigue, change your program after school Tired aerobic exercise - it is absolutely normal if you still only get into the swing of things.Nevertheless, some people are extremely tired due to problems with the Krebs cycle, and this condition is observed in them for a long time (several weeks).They should stop the aerobic exercise and come to grips with KIT, choosing to start a strict diet and whole qualified relaxation.This will help to correct the Krebs cycle and reduce fatigue.Also, before embarking on aerobic exercises, for some time, you could try to carry out a light exercise.For the first time a good way out - it's walking and Ricochet (other types of light exercise will be listed below).

Those who have too little time for physical education, can do only the minimum necessary.But even in this case, their lessons are extremely useful to health.If you do more beneficial effects will occur a little stronger, but the profit per minute will be expended less.

All time alternate exercises to avoid constant and excessive stress on certain muscles, alternate exercises that are heavily loaded joints (for example, running, step aerobics), with those in which the body weight is distributed more evenly and the load on joints is much less (such as swimming, rowing and cycling).Some fitness experts recommend not to load at all joints for all aerobic exercises.

Aerobic Exercise for Weight Loss for Beginners - Basics

What is aerobic exercise for weight loss

This is any kind of intense physical activity, which increases heart rate and respiration, and makes large muscle groups to move at a constant pace.The most typical examples of aerobic exercise - jogging, cycling and swimming.The following briefly describes the most important steps through which you need to pass in order to join in the full sessions of aerobic exercises.

stages of preparation for the beginning of aerobic exercise for weight loss beginners

Stage One.Before classes aerobic exercise, you should read about them anything.So you can better understand what you are doing.

Step Two.Before the start of training aerobic exercise go through inspection, and let the doctor see whether you additionally perform a stress test is necessary.Aerobic exercise is essential for the prevention of cardiovascular diseases.However, if you already are in preinfarction condition, your heart rate are presented very different requirements and you need to know about it so as not to hurt themselves.In addition, if you are taking medications, smoke, if you have back problems, diabetes, or a feeling of heaviness in the chest, then before you begin physical training program, consult your physician or any other competent person.You may need to adjust your treatment or change the training program.

Stage Three.In the morning during the first 10 seconds after you wake up, check your pulse.The resulting figure will be your heart rate at the moment of awakening.

pulse rate when performing aerobic exercises at home for beginners

What should be the heart rate during aerobic exercise

your pulse for all of 20 minutes must be within the range that is calculated based on your age and level of fitness, so be sure to checkit several times, especially if you have not engaged in physical activity.Then check the heart rate during the first 10 seconds after training - during which time your heart does not have time to slow down.After all, you need to know, what was your heart rate while exercising.

Counting the maximum heart rate during aerobics house

Calculate maximum heart rate, you can own.To do this, subtract 220 from the number indicating your age.This indicator should not be exceeded under any circumstances.Do not train with the level of intensity at which your heart rate will be close to the maximum mark.Safety is the heart rate not exceeding 90 per cent of the maximum.

During aerobic workout expose pulse constituting a certain percentage of the maximum level.Newcomers better to start training with the relatively low numbers (in different sources, these figures are in the range 50 to 75 percent of maximum heart rate), and only after some time (from a few weeks to a few months of training) to move to the higher.Those who engaged in aerobic exercise for overall development, will be sufficient to adhere to an average level (70-85 percent of maximum heart rate).Aerobic exercise high intensity level, or so-called interval training, is not for everyone;In this mode, the heart rate is in the top of the scale (80-90 percent of the maximum heart rate).

pulse can be replaced in the following areas:


neck.To feel and count the carotid pulse (carotid pulse), attach the index and middle fingers to the side of the neck.


wrist.The radial pulse (the pulse of the radial artery) can feel, putting the index and middle fingers to the radial artery of the wrist.


Temple.Temporal (temporal) pulse can be felt, putting the index and middle fingers to his temple on the top edge of the ear.Temporal pulse to feel more difficult than the carotid or radial.


Chest.The apical heartbeat can be heard very clearly after intense exercise.To define it, place a hand on the left side of the chest.

Daily record their heart rate.Then at the end of the regular sessions of aerobic exercise you will compare.

benefits of aerobic exercises at home for beginners slimming

Aerobic exercise improves metabolism, but in addition this type of exercise, the rate of this process is influenced by other types of activity.You can do whatever you like (even that is not mentioned in our list), as long as it helps you for 20 minutes, hold down the heart rate.However, sports such as baseball, where in a very short period have to withstand enormous loads, and the rest of the time to stagnate, not suitable for aerobic program.

Aerobics slimming home - for training

Select the appropriate recommendations for the duration of your aerobics classes for beginners.Most people at first, must train for 20 minutes three times per week (not including warm-up and cool-down).Some start with a shorter duration and gradually increasing it.You must be sure that you really listen to your body and exercise the most optimal way for you.

Warm up and cool down when aerobics slimming

necessary that before training was given some time to warm up, but by its end - to cool down.Thanks to your warm-up sessions will take place more efficiently.This is the best way to prevent injuries and increase metabolic rate.Perform the same exercise that you do during an aerobic workout, but at a much lower intensity level for 5 to 10 minutes.Then gradually increase the intensity of the load, until you are in range of the recommended heart rate.

At the end of training necessary to gradually over 5-10 minutes, reduce the intensity of the load.This helps return the blood, which is directed to the working muscles, the central vessels.

Precautions for aerobics for beginners

sure to keep track of real improvements in their health status.To do this, you have every morning in the first 10 seconds after waking up to check the pulse and is still (you have begun to do this even in the third stage of our aerobic program!) To record this number.After four - six weeks after the start of aerobic exercise, you will probably notice that your heart rate when you wake decreased by 15-25 percent.This shift reflects the reduced stress level and improved metabolism, thanks to this type of exercise.

If during class aerobic exercise (or any other sport) you feel unwell or have received some kind of injury, be sure to consult a doctor.Muscle fatigue - a common phenomenon, but not to such an extent that it may be difficult to move.Stop the workout if you feel pain and fatigue in the muscles;in this case, you need to give them a chance to recover and heal.

Aerobics with knee problems

People with these illnesses, we recommend to do the exercises in the water.She takes over most of the body weight, making the exercises strengthen the muscles, not wearing out at the same joints.Many pools and offers aqua aerobics program.Another way out - it's rowing bikes and horizontal (lying down).Do anything you want, as long as not to burden their knees.

If you have been joint disease, consult with a personal trainer or fitness specialist - he let you select other types of exercises that will not lead to further progression of your disease.The main principle of KIT - Do what makes you - not only refers to physical exercise, but also to all other aspects of the health program.

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