herbs Palsy Treatment

Paralysis complex disease caused by a number of factors.Herbal Treatment of paralysis can be treated only as an extra.

palsy Herbal treatment - the basics

If you want to get rid of this condition permanently, then you need to eliminate from the diet of tea, coffee, alcoholic beverages and all other stimulants.Go to the cleansing diet.If the nerves are damaged too much, then the long-term treatment is not possible.Beautiful effect is given hot and cold lotions, followed by a thorough massage, - these procedures are accelerated circulation.With the same purpose it is possible to take warm baths and rub with salt.It is necessary to open the skin pores and normalize blood circulation.Normalize the bowels using herbal laxatives or enemas.

You can use the following medication: brew a tablespoon of bark or berries of mountain ash pint of boiling water, add a pinch of cayenne pepper and a teaspoon of lobelia.Take a tablespoon every two hours.You can make tea based on any of the following herbs: motherwort

, vervain, lady's slipper.Learn their properties, and select the most suitable.

treatment of Bell's palsy herbs

attack of Bell's palsy occurs unexpectedly and leads to numbness of facial muscles on one side of the face.This results in distortion of the mouth as well as the inability to blink or wrinkle the forehead.A person does not lose sensitivity and a little sore.The cause of Bell palsy is unknown, but found that from time to time he meets along with shingles.Paralysis usually takes 4-8 weeks, but there are times when a person or a part thereof is completely paralyzed.

Paralyzed eye must be protected until then.until he can close himself: a gentle massage of the face muscles to help them return to the place, and recover faster.Sometimes Bell's palsy is confused with stroke, but stroke paralysis affects the lower part of his face and rarely affects the eyes or forehead.It is much more common and terrible form of paralysis is cerebral palsy which affects infants shortly after birth.

Treatment of cerebral palsy herbs

There are several causes of cerebral palsy, and they may have a place before.during and after childbirth.In many cases, establish the specific cause is not possible: nevertheless, they are all connected with brain damage.Sometimes the damage is small, and almost no symptoms appear;sometimes, on the contrary, the injury is very serious, and the child has to spend all his life in helplessness.

possible that the occurrence of cerebral palsy contribute to the following reasons: hard work, leading to a lack of oxygen or brain damage;serious childhood disease: encephalitis, high fever, pneumonia, meningitis, or head trauma.Before the birth of the child brain can damage the mother's illness, especially rubella (German measles), and an unhealthy diet, as well as the use of drugs and alcohol mother.


paralysis Paralysis called nervous or physical condition caused by fatigue or nervous shock.Concomitant factors can be tea, coffee, alcohol, stimulants and sugar cane, because they do not have the necessary elements of the nerves.The attack of the disease, in one form or another, often the result of improper diet, which mainly consists precisely of such products.

symptoms of paralysis

Tremor and shaking limbs, sometimes the head;strange way of movement.