Treatment of pigs with herbs

Mumps - a disease more common in children.Treatment of pigs carried herbs to relieve symptoms.

Treating pigs herbs - recommendations

child should be isolated until then, until the swelling subsides, and he, as far as possible, must comply with bed rest.The diet should be light and nutritious, it can include fruit juices, alkaline broth, soy milk and rich biscuits.Acidic foods can increase the pain, so it should not be used.When the fever, twice a day, you can take a hot bath, which should last for about twenty minutes.Rubbing cold water can relieve the intense heat.

recipe for a poultice to treat pigs

can make healing poultice: Mix a little mullein and lobelia tablespoon, herb brew a sufficient amount of boiling water.You can add flax or corn flour, it will fasten the grass between them.Wrap the poultice in cheesecloth and attach to the sore spot, cover with a blanket to keep warm.After a poultice to cool down, replace it with hot.The temperature rise will help ease the pain.

Treating pigs herbs - recipe infusion

For internal use, mix equal amount of ginger, a teaspoon of the mixture brew a cup of boiling water and let stand.Every hour, let the patient breath of drugs.You can sweeten it with honey or malt sugar.If you have constipation, put an enema of tea, infused with mint cat and normalize bowel function.

reasons pig

Mumps virus causes.Most often it affects children between the ages of three to six years, but sometimes occurs in adults.In the latter case, there may be very serious complications.Mumps is not as contagious as measles, and people usually recover from getting life-long immunity against the disease.

Symptoms of mumps

First, there is a slight fever and chills, lost appetite and a headache.This is followed by swelling of the ear glands located near the bend of the jaw.The glands on one or both sides of the face enlarge and start to hurt.Sometimes they grow to such an extent that the patient can not open his mouth.Swelling subsides within two to three days, and the disease usually goes away completely and a half to two weeks.