Measles Herbal Treatment

Measles, a disease more common in children.Treatment of measles herbs should be carried out in conjunction with in-patient treatment and under the supervision of dragging.

herbs measles treatment - the basics

patient should be isolated for at least five days, and it must comply with bed rest for as long as the body is present fever or at least some sign of a lung infection.Eyes must be protected from bright light.- It is possible to darken the room, put on sunglasses or rotate the bed headboard from the window.You can make a medicinal tea: brew a teaspoon of root and pleuritic 14 teaspoon ginger pint of boiling water and let stand.If desired, sweeten the tea with honey or malt sugar.For the treatment of nervous patients add to the listed herbs teaspoon Venus shoe or cat mint.Every hour you need to give the patient two table spoons of tea, the dose may be increased or decreased depending on the age.Excellent help tea, infused with peppermint, or catnip.

to treat measles fits any of the following he

rbs: mint cat, peppermint, chamomile, vervain, yarrow, lady's slipper.Insist teaspoon of herb in a cup of boiling water veiled.Take 14 cups of tea every two hours.In the presence of air in the room cough should be sufficiently moist, as an evaporator can be used with the kettle boiling water.

herbal solutions for treating measles

The patient should be placed in a dark, well-ventilated room with moderate temperature.If the patient's eyes begin to turn sour, brew 14 teaspoon of goldenseal Canadian pint of boiling water (water should be soft or distilled).Let the solution sit for thirty minutes and add sufficient boric acid.Strain the solution through the fabric, and two or three times a day, wash their eyes.

diet in the treatment of measles herbs

Diet recommended in fevers, can be followed and after the heat subsides.Easy and nutritious diet is a prerequisite of paramount importance in the diet can include soy milk with wheat flakes and wholemeal crackers.If instead you use soy milk, cow, boil it in a little bit of oatmeal;can also be diluted by half cow milk oat or barley water.Very useful ripe bananas, toasted wholemeal, alkaline broths and ripe fruit.

Causes Measles Measles

most often affects the child's body, but can also occur in adults.It is caused by a virus and is highly contagious.The first attack of measles often makes a person immune to the disease.The cause of this disease can be contacted with the person with measles, provided that the disease is in the active phase.measles virus in large numbers are present in the secretions coming from the nose, mouth and throat of the patient.

Symptoms of measles

Symptoms begin to appear in about ten days after the onset of the disease;At first they resemble a common cold.- Fever, runny nose, cough and sore throat.After three or four days on the head or face of a rash that spreads quickly throughout the body.It is a red spot, which can be seen between a normal, clean skin.Before the appearance of a rash in the mouth can be whitish, reddish spots.After the rash will hit the whole body, fever usually disappears.Measles often causes complications - such as pneumonia and ear diseases, which should be avoided at all costs.