Herbal Treatment of Rabies

rabies, the disease almost never occur in the modern life of the people.However, the disease itself is very complex and infuriating requires a comprehensive herbal treatments and medicines rabies.

herbs rabies treatment

If the patient sick and weakened it, use the following herbs, valerian, gentian.Use an equal number of herbs and mix them thoroughly;You can add a little red pepper.If you do not have all the necessary herbs, use commercially.Take according to the directions on the use of medicinal herbs.For washing wounds, you can use the tea.infused on plantain leaves.Poultice of this plant are also very effective.

All bites of poisonous snakes and insects must be opened.If this is not possible, then someone who does not suffer from diseases of the oral cavity should suck the poison from the wound.Remember that rabies can only be caused by the bites of warm-blooded animals.

rabies treatment - the basics

Once bitten necessary as wash the wound with soap and water as soon as possible.The damag

ed tissue should be removed.If you are bitten by a healthy-looking dog or cat, the animal must be isolated for ten days, and if no signs of rabies he did not show up, the treatment can be stopped.But if rabies is detected, or to catch the animal for testing there is no way (this applies to foxes, raccoons, skunks, etc.) need to be vaccinated as possible faster.

First aid treatment for rabies

If medical assistance is necessary to wait a long time, you can take the following measures.Once bitten immediately tie up bandage over the wound and wash it with warm water and vinegar.The rabies virus for some time remains in the tissue located near the site of the bite, and only then begins its journey to the brain.After washing, the wound should be allowed to dry.Then, if possible, place a large wound a few drops of hydrochloric acid, it neutralizes it and destroy viruses in the saliva of the animal.Then apply to the wound poultice made of elm bark granular, adding a teaspoon of lobelia, myrrh and goldenseal Canadian.Poultice should be large enough to cover the entire area of ​​the wound;it should be changed every four hours.It also helps a poultice of burdock.

Tonic herbal remedy to treat rabies

can prepare a tonic by mixing a teaspoon of goldenseal Canadian, gentian, myrrh, lobelia and adding 18 teaspoons of cayenne pepper.Boil water in a quart and leave for half an hour.Take a sip every hour.It is best to use a mixture of grasses, but if you can not get them all, use the ones that are at your disposal.I highly recommend this medication.It helps to bites of rabid dogs, snakes and insects, if you follow the instructions.(The bites of snakes and insects never cause rabies.)


rabies Rabies is caused by a virus, which is present in the blood of many warm-blooded animals.In human blood, he falls through the bite of the patient beast.Prior to 1950, the majority of rabies cases was caused by the bites of rabid dogs and cats.Fasting introducing strict control over this disease cases have fallen sharply, and now most of them are caused by bites of bats, foxes, skunks and raccoons.

Symptoms of rabies

time interval between the bite and the appearance of symptoms of the disease is quite uncertain, it often varies in the range from 3 to 8 weeks.At this time, the person usually feels good only bite a little sore.The closer to the head is a bite, the symptoms will manifest faster.The earliest of these are fatigue, headache, fever and loss of appetite.In the area of ​​the bite may be painful, aching constantly swelling.There is a feeling of irritation, nervousness and anger as insomnia.This is followed by more severe symptoms affecting the nervous system, - it can be a stroke, hardening the neck, hallucinations, convulsions, anxiety, and other disturbances that can start on their own, or are caused by noise, touch, etc.Attempts to drink the water accompanied by severe pain and spasms that cause asthma attacks.If nothing is done, the patient falls into a coma and died after some time.