The treatment of leprosy with herbs

Another name for leprosy - Hansen's disease.It is caused by the bacillus and mainly affects the skin and peripheral nervous system.This disease has been known since ancient times, these days all over the world there are approximately 10-12 million infected and 60% of this amount falls on Asian countries.In India alone, 3.5 million lives were lepers.Most often, the leprosy is found in tropical areas.Treatment of leprosy herbs should be done in combination with conventional treatment.

treatment of leprosy herbs - recommendations

are absolutely necessary fresh air and nutritious diet.It is strictly forbidden meat and fish.But you can freely eat vegetables and fruits.Boil a teaspoon of goldenseal and 12 teaspoon of myrrh a pint of boiling water, let stand and take medication but a cup half an hour before a meal.and before going to bed.When leprosy can use the following combination of herbs: Take a teaspoon of flowers of clover, a teaspoon of yellow sorrel root, sweet flag teaspoon, teaspoon of burdock

and a half teaspoons of mandrake.Mix the herbs and brew a teaspoon mixture cup boiling water.Take four cups a day, one hour before meals and at bedtime.Just help the following herbs: bittersweet, dandelion, and myrrh.Learn their properties, read the description and use those.that best fit your needs.

Causes leprosy

Until the end it is not clear how leprosy is transmitted from one person to another.It is believed that it enters the body through the respiratory tract and through direct contact with the patient's skin.The longer the contact, the more likely the possibility of becoming infected.Nevertheless, the ability of catching leprosy is small, and only 5-10 percent of the close relatives, close to the patient at risk of being victims of this disease - just like with active tuberculosis.

Symptoms of leprosy

The skin may receive one or more large, flat, whitish spots.Their borders usually look like they are outlined in red;white area completely dry, and her hair is completely absent.The affected areas of the body normally numb and adjacent nerves can be increased.Lesions may occur anywhere on the body surface, and inside the mouth.Leprosy develops slowly, gradually affecting the fingers, feet, nose and other parts of the body.For diagnosis it is best to cut a small piece of skin and examine it under a microscope.