Treatment of jaundice herbs

Jaundice - treatment is more prevalent in children.Jaundice Herbal treatment should be done under medical supervision.

Treatment of jaundice herbs - bases

Take 1-2 teaspoon of goldenseal in a glass of water one hour before meals, three times a day.At first, do not drink anything but fruit juices are best suited lemon and grape.Juices provide the body with sufficient alkali wash and poisonous toxins.Along with the juices can be included in the diet of alkaline broth, because they are very nutritious and can support the forces of the patient.If you have a fever you need every hour to drink a glass of lemon juice;it can be free to drink even after termination of sickness.The pain that comes during acute attacks can be relieved with the help of hot lotions to the area of ​​the liver and stomach.

Treatment of jaundice herbs - recipes

infectious jaundice usually causes itching, which can soothe, wash the affected areas are very hot boric acid.Feel free to use herbal ointments recommended for the tre

atment of scabies.When jaundice is very useful in the following herbs: dandelion, common yarrow and Chernogolovka.Especially effective Chernogolovka and dandelion.In addition, it normalizes the bowels using herbal laxatives.

You can make one more valuable tool, it needs to grind a handful of peach pits, fill them with two cups water and simmer for half an hour.Then strain and take 2 cups of tea every morning, one hour before meals and at bedtime.If you can not reach the bone, use crushed peach leaves or twigs, filling them with plenty of water.Branches need to boil a little longer than the leaves.Take the same way as tea seed.

Water can be replaced unsweetened lemonade.You can use the same tools as for the removal of gallstones to treat jaundice.If, after such treatment of jaundice will not work, it may be a sign of a more serious illness, and you need the assistance of a qualified professional who will help determine the cause of the disease.

Causes of jaundice

Jaundice is caused by abnormalities in the liver, leading to an increase in the amount of bile in the blood.Because of this, the skin and whites of eyes become yellow.There are many diseases that can contribute to the development of jaundice, among them there is a cancer, gallstones, infection, cirrhosis of the liver, various poisoning, blood transfusion, as well as a variety of viral diseases in violation of the liver.Jaundice may be due to the rapid destruction of red blood cells.Bile produced by the liver cells, goes through the bile duct into the intestine and passes slightly behind the stomach.A number of bile leaves the gallbladder where it is stored and is going before you reach the intestine.Average amount of bile, which can easily be stored in the bladder, is one to two ounces.Fatty foods causes the gallbladder to throw its contents into the intestinal tract.

Bile serves several important functions.Its main role is the decomposition of fat entering the body with food.Also, bile helps to get rid of certain toxins, neutralizes stomach acid and food alkalizes, allowing the body to cope with the digestion.The lack of bile in the intestine causes constipation.

Symptoms of jaundice

Yellow skin, yellow shade of eye protein, bitter taste in the mouth, constipation, dark urine, light fever, headache, dizziness, and itching of the skin.